Effective March 1, 2014 we are transferring all HOME Bro and HOME Ultera transactions to PLDT HOME's Facebook and Twitter. You can also email the team at customercare@pldt.com.ph!

To serve you even better, Home Bro is moving all customer transactions (Sales and Aftersales) to PLDT Sales & Service Centers (SSCs) nationwide starting January 1, 2014!

HOME Bro Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Bro Canopy and Wimax will now be the new HOME Bro Wireless. It is a high-speed broadband internet connection that uses the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly deliver internet service to a subscriber's PC.

Smart Bro is the former brand of all the broadband services of Smart which includes Mobile Broadband services of Smart, which are Plug-it, Pocket Wifi, etc. and Fixed Broadband which are Smart Bro Canopy and Wimax. On June 26, the Fixed Wireless variants ­ Canopy and Wimax ­ will now have a new brand name under HOME Bro. This is now included under the HOME megabrand powered by PLDT and Smart.

Absolutely none, HOME Bro will have no impact with your current package. You can still enjoy your broadband connection.

Both HOME Bro and PLDT HOME DSL are high speed broadband internet services, and offer basically the same experience. PLDT HOME DSL utilizes PLDT telephone lines to deliver internet service, while HOME Bro utilizes its cellular network.

HOME Bro Application

1. What are the application requirements for HOME Bro?

New subscribers just need to present a Proof of Identification ID and Proof of Billing Address to apply for HOME Bro.

Proof of Identification (POID) Proof of Billing (POB) “Can Be Reached” or Contact Number (CBR)
  • The POID should be a photo ID
  • Any one (1) of the following is acceptable:
    • TIN
    • SSS / GSIS
    • Driver’s License
    • Credit Card
    • Passport
    • Voter’s ID
    • Postal ID
    • Company ID
    • PRC ID
The POB should reflect the address where the HOME Bro service will be installed
A POID which has an address (ie. Driver’s License) that is the same as the declared billing address is    not considered as a valid POB
Any one (1) of the following is acceptable:
  1. Electric Bill
  2. Water Bill
  3. Cable Bill
  4. Credit Card Bill
  5. Telco / Mobile Bill
A postpaid landline or a postpaid mobile phone number should be provided. Otherwise, a prepaid mobile number may be accepted as long as any of the following is also provided:
  • Office landline number
  • Neighbor’s landline number
  • 1st degree relative’s landline number

The HOME Bro service will be available for application at any Smart Stores or PLDT Business Office nationwide, or through any accredited Smart or PLDT sales agents. You may also click here to apply online.

You may learn more about HOME Bro plans by visiting any Smart Store, PLDT SSC, accredited PLDT HOME reseller or calling *1888 from your Smart cellphone or 1-800-672-7277 (toll free).

  • Pentium IV or higher for Windows, Mac OS for Apple
  • 256 MB of RAM or higher
  • Ethernet/LAN Card
  • At least 10GB of Hard Disk Space
  • Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Linux and Macintosh