What is the Cyberya Package?
  • HIGH-profit, LOW-maintenance minigosyo
  • COMPLETE package with Broadband and PC
  • Helps provide EXTRA INCOME to current minigosyos, and to help aspiring minigosyantes to jumpstart their minigosyo.
What does the package include?
The package is comprised of:
  • Wired Broadband up to 2Mbps (minimum speed of 150 kbps at 80% reliability)
  • Complete PC set (payable through PLDT Bill) with extended 24-month warranty (depending on parts) and after-sales service
Who are the institutions supporting the package?
  • PLDT KaAsenso : HOME’s trusted enabler for minigosyos
  • PC Express: One of the leading computer retailing shops in the Philippines that provides high-quality PC and electronic parts and accessories
  • Intel : Global leader that develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live
How do I EARN MORE with Cyberya?
  • Get more units! 3 units or more can give you more profit and faster Return on Investment.
  • Look for a good location. Choose an area with high foot-traffic.
  • Be aware of competition. Find out the rates and promos offered by competitors.
  • Operate with longer hours to cater to more customers.
How does Cyberya become a HIGH-profit minigosyo?
The profit of a minigosyo, just like any other investment, may vary depending on business structure or operations.

For purposes of computation, here is a sample:
SALES  P15/hr (P1/4 min. rate)
X 16 hours/day of operations
X 30 days
= P7,200/month
EXPENSES P1,100 (electricity)*
+ 1,300 (broadband bill)
= P2,400/month

*based on average consumption
PROFIT  P7,200
- 2,400
= P4,800/month 

How fast is the Return on Investment?
P18,599 PC Package
+  2,300 Initial Fees
P20,899  Total initial investment
/ 4,800 Monthly profit
= 5 months Puwedeng bawi ka na!
  • Computed based on availment of one (1) Surfing Unit.
  • Profit is dependent on business structure or operations.


Where is the Cyberya Package available?
The Cyberya Package is available nationwide.

Note though that distribution points are thru PC Express branches located in Metro Manila, South Luzon and Cebu. Outside of these locations, the subscriber should be open to shoulder the additional delivery fees that may be incurred.

What are the plans available for the Cyberya Package?

At the moment, we have Cyberya Wired Package 1300 which comes with:
  • Up to 2 Mbps* wired broadband
  • Cyberya PC set in a box with timer and coin slot
*with minimum speed of 150 kbps at 80% reliability where wired broadband is available

How much is the Monthly Service Fee for the broadband?
Monthly Service Fee is P1300.

What are the specifications for the PC units available?





Intel Celeron G1610

Intel Pentium Dual Core G2010


H61 Chipset

H61 Chipset








Intel HD Graphics

PC HD 5570 1 GB DDR3





15.6” LED

18.5” AOC 950SWN


Surge Projector 3 Socket

Huntkey Surge Protector 3 Socket


Original Windows

Original Windows

  • Extended 24-month warranty (depending on parts) and after-sales service
  • Free one-time on-site installation service for PC Unit
  • Free delivery within 5 km-radius from any PC Express branch (additional P65/km in excess thereof)
  • Side stickers & multi-coin slot will incur additional cost
What are the payment options for the Cyberya PC set?
Cyberya PC set can be paid thru cash (Full Payment). Prices as follows:

Payment Options

Where can I pay for the PC set?
You may pay for the PC set in any PLDT Sales and Service Center.

What is the lock-in period of the Package?
You will have a lock-in period of 24 months for every subscription of the Cyberya Package.

What if I want to end my subscription earlier than the lock-in period?
You will have to pay for the Pre-termination Fee. The computation for this is as follows:

Monthly Service Fee
Remaining number of months for Broadband service lock-in
    P 1,300
X           15 months remaining*
=P 19,500
*Considering 24-month Broadband service lock-in

May I choose PC units with specifications other than those indicated above?
No, this is not allowed. The PC specifications that come with the Cyberya PC units are only those mentioned above.

How many PCs can I avail of?
You can purchase a maximum of 3 PC units per broadband connection. At this rate, the Broadband can support the devices and provide an ideal user experience.

If more than 3 units will be purchased, you must subscribe to any KaAsenso Internet plan with a minimum speed of 2Mbps.
May I purchase a combination of the types of units?
Yes. For example, you may purchase 2 surfing units and 1 gaming unit; or 2 gaming units and 1 surfing unit.

If I availed of a surfing unit, may I upgrade it to a gaming unit later on?
No. If you want to avail of a gaming unit, then you may do so by getting a new PC unit.

May I avail of the broadband only?
No. Cyberya Wired Package 1300 comes as a package of Broadband and PC Unit.

May I avail of the PC set only?
Yes, if you are an existing KaAsenso subscriber.

How will I be billed?
PLDT will bill for the Broadband service. The bill can be paid through any PLDT Sales and Service Center or any PLDT-accredited payment center. For a complete list of accredited payment channels, access or call 172 for after-sales support.


Where can I apply for the Cyberya Package?

You may apply for the Cyberya Package in any of these accredited channels: PLDT Sales and Service Centers, or Home Sales Agents.

What are the requirements for applying for a Cyberya Package?
Bring the following:

  • Valid ID (must be government-issued or company ID with SSS and TIN)
  • Proof of Business Registration (Barangay Permit is allowed)
Upon application, fill-out the following documents:
  • Completely accomplished Customer Information Sheet (CIS)
  • Subscription Certificate
Note: Existing KaAsenso subscribers just need to present ID.

Are there initial fees that I need to settle before Broadband installation?
Yes. Initial fees are as follows:
  • Installation Fee (P1,100)
  • Modem Fee (P1,200)
How can I get my Cyberya PC set? How soon can my Cyberya set be installed?
The Cyberya PC set can either be picked up from the nearest PC Express branch or can be delivered for FREE within 5 km-radius from the nearest PC Express branch, depending on the address’ proximity from the nearest PC Express branch.

In excess of 5 km, you will be requested to pay for additional P65/km directly to PC Express, depending on their customized quotation.

Package is inclusive of FREE one-time on-site installation as well.

From the time that the Broadband connection is installed and the Cyberya PC set is paid, the Cyberya PC set can be scheduled for delivery or pick-up within 48 hours (may vary depending on logistical factors).

Who do I contact for specific issues related to my Cyberya Package? How do I contact them?
  • For application: 171
  • For after-sales support (broadband-related): 172
  • For after-sales support (PC/hardware-related): (02) 725-8888


Who can avail of the KaAsenso Cyberya Package?
New & existing KaAsenso subscribers

I have a current Cyberya subscription. May I transfer my account from wireless to wired broadband?
No. The wired variant is a totally new package which has to be subscribed to separately.


I am an existing KaAsenso subscriber. How may I avail of the Cyberya Wired Package?
You may avail thru any of the following:
  • Getting a separate Wired Cyberya Package 1300 connection (on top of existing subscription)
  • Using existing KaAsenso internet subscription with at least 2Mbps internet speed (no need for payment of installation and modem fees)
How may I qualify to avail of the Cyberya Wired Package?
  • Must have a good credit rating
  • Must present ID only (no more proof of business required)
Are there other payment schemes for the PC set payment?
You may avail of the PC set either in FULL or thru INSTALLMENT terms. Prices as follows:



Initial Charges

(installation and modem fees)

P2300 + 1 month advanced MSF
+ 1 month unit amortization

Unit Payment (Surfing Unit)


6 mos: P3,399
12 mos: P1,899

Unit Payment (Gaming Unit)


6 mos: P4,399
12 mos: P2,399

Pre-Termination Fee

MSF x 
remaining number of months

MSF x remaining number of months
Unit Amortization x no of months left with chosen contract