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Apply now for Cyberya Package!

It's now easier to start your own Cyberya Minigosyo!

For as low as P7, 300* you can now own a mini-internet café

Cyberya Package 1300
Wired broadband (up to 2MBPS)
* Minimum speed up to 150 kbps
at 80% reliability where wired
broadband is available
Complete PC set payable thru PLDT Bill.
Extended 24-month warranty (depending on parts) and after sales service
Free one-time on-site installation service for PC Unit
Free delivery within 5 km-radius from any PC Express branch (additional P 65/km in excess thereof)
Side stickers and multi-coin slot will incur additional cost
With original Windows Operating System.
Processor Intel Celeron G1610 Intel Pentium Dual Core G2010
Motherboard H61 Chipset H61 Chipset
Memory 2GB DDR3 4GB DDR3
Hard Drive 320GB SATA 320GB SATA
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics PC HD 5570 1GB DDR3
Keyboard & Mouse Generic A4 TECH USB
Monitor 15.6" LED 18.5" AOC 950SWN
AVR 3-Socket Surge Protector Huntkey 3-Socket Surge Protector
PRICE P18,599 P23,799
If Paid thru full payment.
3Based on a P1 per 4 minutes rate
4Based on average consumption
Computation may vary depending on business structure

All it takes is 5 easy steps

to start your cyberya minigosyo