heyÜ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I make a call with heyÜ? 
A: There are several ways to make a phone call with heyÜ, depending on the type of call:
a. When making a call to any wired/wireless landline, dial 0 + AC + 7-digit number.
b. When making a call to a mobile phone, dial the regular 11-digit number directly.
c. When making an International call, dial the number directly.
d. When making a call to other heyÜ number, dial the number directly.

Q: How do I add contacts to the contact lists?
A: To add a new contact, tap the Call log tab. Press and hold down on the chosen number, until a pop-up menu appears. Select 
Add to contacts from the provided choices. Tap the Create New Contact option and fill up the information fields, then tap the 
Done button to save the contact.

Q: What Host name should I use?
A: The Host name you should use is the host name provided by PLDT (homevoip.pldt.net)

Q: What is my Username and Password?
A: Your Username is the same as your heyÜ service number, which is provided by PLDT (0812-205-xxxx), while your Password is 
system-generated by PLDT, consisting of eight (8) alphanumeric characters.

Q: What Outbound Proxy should I use?
A: Your Outbound proxy should be set to

Q: I am not able to use my account, the device always shows “account is not registered”.
A: Your Account information may have been inputted incorrectly. Please check that the four (4) required parameters (Host, 
Username, Password and Outbound Proxy) have been entered correctly.

Q: Why can’t I make a call using heyÜ?
A: It may be due to the following reasons that you are unable to make a call: 
It may be that the account you are using is not registered, you are not connected to the Internet, or the codec formats are 
unchecked. To fix this, check if your account is already registered and activated. Second, check your Internet connectivity, 
and lastly, make sure that all codec formats under Config tab are checked.

Q: Can I call toll and International numbers?
A: Yes, the heyÜ service is capable of calling NDD Landline, CMTS, and International numbers.

Q: Is the heyÜ service capable of “Hold” and “Resume” functions during a call?
A: Yes, just tap the “Hold” button (while currently in a call) if you want to temporarily pause the call but remain connected, and 
tap it again to “Resume” the conversation.

Q: While in a conversation, the other line suddenly has no audio/mute.
A: The Mute option may have been accidentally activated. Tap the Mute button again to restore the audio from the other line.

Q: Can I register multiple accounts in one Telpad?
A: Yes, you can register multiple accounts in the Telpad. To make a call with another account, you must first deactivate the 
currently active account.

Q: How do I deactivate the account to be able to use it to other device?
A: Tap Accounts on the Config Tab, then press and hold down on the account you want to deactivate. A pop-up menu will 
appear, then select Deactivate from the provided choices.

Q: Can I register an account to different devices?
A: Yes, you can register an account to different devices; however, each heyÜ account is a single-session type service, which 
means you have to deactivate the account in the first device before registering it on another.

Q: How do I change my heyÜ account credentials on the Telpad?
A: Tap Accounts on the Config Tab, press and hold down on the account you want to modify. 
A pop-up menu will appear, then select Modify account from the provided choices.

Q: How do I delete my heyÜ account?
A: Tap Accounts on the Config Tab, press and hold down on the account you want to delete. 
After a pop-up menu appears, select Delete account from the provided choices.

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