PLDT HOME TVolution is available with
PLDT HOME Fibr, HOME DSL Plans 1299 and up, and
HOME Bro Ultera plans!
For HOME Fibr and HOME DSL subscribers, free delivery within 3-5 days upon approval of your application. For HOME Bro Ultera subscribers, you may visit your nearest SSC for inquiries.

TIP: For easier navigation you can use your
Telpad or Smart Android Phone.

Enjoy everything from action-packed blockbusters
to the most moving dramas with just a click on
your QWERTY remote!

TIP: To search for movies in the catalog, we recommend using
the Telpad as the remote control or connecting a USB
mouse/keyboard to your TVolution unit to make typing easier.

Choose from up to 200 movies on-demand from Clickplay!

Enjoy FREE movies every month as part of your subscription!

Clickplay for
PLDT Home Fibr
PLAN 3500 3 movies
PLAN 5800 4 movies
PLAN 8800 10 movies
PLAN 20000 20 movies
Clickplay for
PLAN 999 1 movie
PLAN 1995 2 movies
PLAN 3000 3 movies
PLAN 4000 3 movies
Clickplay for
PLDT Home Bro Ultera
PLAN 999 1 movie
PLAN 1599 1 movie
PLAN 1999 2 movies

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