PLDT HOME TVolution is available with
PLDT HOME Fibr, HOME DSL Plans 1299 and up, and
HOME Bro Ultera plans!
For HOME Fibr and HOME DSL subscribers, free delivery within 3-5 days upon approval of your application. For HOME Bro Ultera subscribers, you may visit your nearest SSC for inquiries.

TIP: For easier navigation you can use your
Telpad or Smart Android Phone.

Enjoy everything from action-packed blockbusters
to the most moving dramas with just a click on
your QWERTY remote!

TIP: To search for movies in the catalog, we recommend using
the Telpad as the remote control or connecting a USB
mouse/keyboard to your TVolution unit to make typing easier.

Choose from up to 200 movies on-demand from Clickplay!

Enjoy FREE movies every month as part of your subscription!

Clickplay for
PLDT Home Fibr
PLAN 3500 3 movies
PLAN 5800 4 movies
PLAN 8800 10 movies
PLAN 20000 20 movies
Clickplay for
PLAN 999 1 movie
PLAN 1995 2 movies
PLAN 3000 3 movies
PLAN 4000 3 movies

Watch thousands of episodes of
your well-loved TV series
streamed to your TV.

For as low as P199/month for all-access
and P99/month for selected content.

TIP: Remember to register first for a PLDT Home account at You can do this on your computer or via
the TVolution’s browser app.

Download other exciting apps like Spinnr
powered by Smart Music and EA Games.

It’s totally easy! Do it in 3 steps!

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