Tuloy-tuloy ang saya ng buong pamilya dahil sa ultra-fast speeds ng Ultera!


Up to 3 Mbps
at 30 GB Monthly Volume

FREE Installation and No Cash Out

Up to 5 Mbps
at 50 GB Monthly Volume

FREE Installation and No Cash Out

Up to 10 Mbps
at 70 GB Monthly Volume

FREE Installation and No Cash Out

  • listdocs  For faster application processing, please prepare complete documents. Click here.

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    PRIMARY ID’s - Any ONE of the following:
    NOTE: One ID must have a picture and signature

    • Government issued photo ID, SSS/GSIS/TIN ID (Digitized Card Type Only)- if no digitized Card , individual card ID SSS/GSIS/TIN will do
    • Phil. Driver’s License (Card Type Only)
    • Passport w/ signature (should be supported by ACR, Employment Cert or Contract for Foreigners)*
    • PRC/IBP/OFW/DIPLOMAT ID (Card type Only; Unexpired OFW ID issued by DOLE; Unexpired Diplomat ID issued by DFA)
    • Laminated or Digitized Company ID ( Top 5,000 Corp)
    • Firearms License ID (Digitized/Card Type Only) or Firearms permit to carry
    • Voters ID (CARD –Type/Biometrics)
    • Laminated with photo AFP, PNP and Philippine Airforce ID

    Expired government issued valid ID’s will be accepted up to 3 years from expiry date. Acceptable valid IDs under this category are Driver’s License, SSS/GSIS/TIN/PRC/IBP ID and Firearm License or Permit to Carry.

    1. If name of subscriber in POID differs from the name in the application form (alias, nickname, no second name, Jr, III, etc)
      1. Secure another ID or
      2. Secure notarized affidavit of discrepancy
    2. If name used in application form is married name while ID submitted shows maiden name,
      1. Secure another ID under married name or
      2. Secure a copy of marriage contract


    Objective: To establish the billing address declared by the subscriber for SOA delivery and contact purposes.

    • • Billing address indicated in the submitted POB must be consistent with the preferred billing address in the CIS.
    • • POB must be in the name of applicant. If not additional documents are needed to establish the applicants relationship to the owner of the POB.

    POB- Any one of the following:

    1. Utility Bills
      • • Electricity- e.g. Meralco, Local Utility Providers
      • • Water – e.g. Maynilad, Manila Water
      • • Telephone – e.g. Globelines, Bayantel, Digitel
      • • Cable – e.g. Sky, Cignal, Cablelink.
    2. Credit Card SOA( latest)
    3. Insurance Premium ( SOA)
    4. Exclusive Club Membership Bill
    5. Bank Statement

    Important Reminders:

    1. POB should be the latest
    2. Billing address will be based on the POB submitted.
    3. If POB is under the name of immediate family:
      • Certificate and ID
      • Sibling: Birth Certificate of both siblings
      • Parent: Birth Certificate
      • Spouse: Marriage contract
      • OR
      • Secure authorization letter and ID
    4. If POB is under landlord’s /TP ( Third Party) name: (renting/leasing)
      • Secure certification and ID of lessor
        • Stating subs is a resident of subject address &
        • Lessor authorizes use of his address as the billing address
        • Contract of Lease, preferred but NOT mandatory.

    NOTE: If not under subs name, address must also be validated versus ID or POI or via call out.

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    PLDT HOME Ultera Devices

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