Hello, how can HOME Ultera help you today?



What is HOME Ultera?

Ultera is HOME’s fastest wireless internet powered by Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and designed specifically for home use.

With HOME Ultera, you can go all out with

  • Ultra-fast Speeds.  Load a 3-minute YouTube music video of your favorite artist in 6 seconds or upload 20 Facebook photos from your family vacation in 10 seconds!
  • Continuous usage. On-demand purchase of volume boosters that can be purchased online.
  • Online management of volume usage via pldthome.com

PLUS, all Ultera Plans are powered by an LTE WiFi Modem (wireless router and modem in one) and an LTE WiFi Receiver! Up to five users can connect at once!  As an existing Canopy/WiMax subscriber, own these 2 devices absolutely free!

How different is LTE from Canopy/WiMax technologies?

LTE is the most advanced type of wireless broadband worldwide. It is faster, more consistent, and more stable than any other wireless broadband service. Our Ultera Fun Plans can go up to 10 Mbps.

How is ULTERA different from Smart Bro Mobile LTE?

HOME Ultera is a fixed wireless connection, ULTERA plans are more suitable for your use at home than a mobile connection. It utilizes a dedicated network for HOME Ultera subscribers different from that of Smart Bro Mobile LTE.

In which areas is HOME Ultera present?

HOME Ultera is now present in more areas nationwide! To check if Ultera is present in your area, call *1888 (Smart/TNT), 672-7277 (NCR PLDT Landline), 1-800-10-6727277 (Nationwide Toll-free PLDT Landline), or visit your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center.

To ensure quality of service, our installers will conduct actual signal testing inside the homes of our subscribers to ensure that signal requirements are met prior to activation of your subscription.

How will I know what my account number and SRN are?

Your account number and Service Reference Number (SRN) are reflected in the ACCOUNT INFORMATION portion of your Statement of Account (SOA).

Can I manage my account online?

As a HOME Ultera subscriber you can manage your account online by creating a myHome account. To create your myHome account, simply log on to http://my.pldthome.com. In order for you to manage your account online, you will have to link your service to your myHome ID by entering your SRN.

You can use your myHome ID to check your bill, outstanding balances, update your contact info, and several other aftersales transactions.


I am an existing Ultera subscriber, where can I request for an upgrade?

To request for plan upgrades, you may visit any PLDT Sales and Service Center nationwide and submit a signed subscription certificate and present a valid ID.

Will my existing bill and charges be carried over to my new plan?

Yes. Existing fees and charges like advance payments, device fee, gadget amortization, and outstanding balance will be carried over to your new upgraded plan.


Why am I being offered an upgrade to HOME Ultera?

As an existing subscriber, you are being offered an upgrade because we are upgrading our services to LTE to give you better service. We want to provide you our newest and fastest wireless LTE internet for the home. As a valued subscriber, you can upgrade your Canopy and WiMax plan to HOME Ultera for FREE!

Will I retain the same account details?

Your account number will not change. You may continue using your current account number to make your monthly payments to your subscription.

Because your LTE is a new service, you will be given a new Service Reference Number (SRN) upon activation of your new service. Your Canopy/WiMax SRN will no longer be available for aftersales transactions. Should you have any concerns regarding your new LTE service, please use your new SRN

If I have made advanced payments on my Canopy/WiMax service, will this be carried over to my Ultera service?

Yes, all advance payments made will be carried over to your Ultera service.

Will I have the choice to go back to my old Canopy/WiMax plan in the future?

Once your Canopy antenna/WiMax modem is pulled out and be replaced with an Ultera wi-fi modem, you will not be able to go back to your old service. Given the roll-out of LTE, our Canopy/WiMax facilities in your area will eventually be phased out and they will no longer be available.

Will my contract be renewed if I choose to upgrade to Ultera?

Your current contract will just continue if you upgrade to HOME Ultera.

I availed of plan rebate when I renewed my contract and my monthly service fee is now discounted. Will I be able to get the same discount?

Given the upgrade to the new service is a new contract, your rebates will no longer apply. However, you will be given a new WiFi modem and a WiFi receiver for FREE! Plus, you will experience the ultra-fast LTE speeds of HOME Ultera.

Will I have to settle my outstanding balances due to my Canopy/WiMax Service?

Yes, you will have to settle your outstanding balances. For your convenience however, these will automatically be carried over to your new LTE service and billed in installment basis over the next three (3) months.

What do you mean installment basis?

Any outstanding balances incurred to your Canopy/WiMax service will be divided by three (3) and added to your bill every month for three months. So if your outstanding balance is P1,200, P400 will be added to your bill every month. A sample computation is provided below:

Outstanding Balance 1,200
Availed Ultera Plan 999
3-mo OB payment 400
MSF 999
TOTAL 1,399

What will happen to the device amortization for my gadget (laptop, printer, tablet, etc.)?

Your device amortization will continue in the same scheme and will resume once your Ultera service has been activated.

Why should I upgrade to Ultera instead of disconnecting my current Home Bro subscription and subscribing to a new Ultera plan?

As an existing subscriber, device fee of P300 per month for the LTE WiFi Modem and the LTE WiFi Receiver will be waived if you choose to upgrade to Ultera.

If I cannot decide on the upgrade now, where may I apply for an upgrade?

Just dial *1888 on your Smart/ Talk N Text mobile phone or call 672-7277 or toll free 1-800-10-6727277 using your landlines. You may also visit your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Centers (SSCs) and our customer service assistants will be glad to assist you.


Does HOME Ultera have a device fee?

Ultera Plan 699 is a promo offer where you will get an LTE WiFi modem and receiver for FREE! Just settle your plan’s monthly subscription fee. With Plan 999 and 1599 you will get an LTE WiFi modem and receiver for only P100/mo.

Monthly Subscription Fee Device Fee
Fun Plan 699 P699.00 FREE
Fun Plan 999 P999.00 P100/month
Fun Plan 1599 P1,599.00


Is Ultera an unlimited plan?

One of the product features of HOME Ultera is that we have ensured better surfing and browsing through the monthly volume allowance given to our subscribers. Once you have consumed your monthly usage allowance, you can still enjoy the internet by purchasing volume boosters online at http://my.pldthome.com

What’s the monthly volume allowance for my plan?

The monthly volume allocation per plan will be as follows:

Plan 699 30 GB
Plan 999 50 GB
Plan 1599 70 GB

What happens when I use up my monthly volume allowance?

In case your usage exceeds your monthly volume allowance, you can still enjoy the internet by purchasing additional volume boosters online at http://my.pldthome.com Otherwise, connectivity will be halted until your monthly volume is refreshed on your next billing cycle.

What happens if I don’t use up my monthly volume allowance?

Your volume allowance is only valid for one month and will NOT be carried over to the next month.

Can I purchase additional volume for my Ultera Plan?

Yes! To suit your online needs, the following volume boosters can be purchased. Additional volume boosters will be added on top of your monthly volume allowance and reflected on your next billing statement.

Volume Booster 49 1 GB P49
Volume Booster 149 4 GB P149
Volume Booster 249 10 GB P249

How many volume boosters can I purchase per month?

You can purchase volume boosters with a total worth of P500 or below.

What happens if I don’t use up my Volume Boosters?

Unused volume boosters will be carried over to the next month. Volume boosters will be consumed first ahead of your monthly volume allowance. To check your available volume balance and purchased volume boosters, you may manage your account using http://my.pldthome.com.

When will my monthly volume allowance be refreshed?

Your monthly volume allowance will be replenished on your next billing cycle.

How do I check my usage history and remaining volume?

You can manage your account online at http://my.pldthome.com Here, you can conveniently purchase volume boosters, check your available volume and monitor your data usage history.

Why can’t I top-up through the dashboard?

You can still top up volume boosters by accessinghttp://my.pldthome.com Just log on to your myHOME account to purchase.