Purchase Add-Ons, Upgrade your plan and request for feature activation or modification in just a few clicks.

  • Need to change your telephone number?

    We got you covered. Existing PLDT customers may request for change of either landline or call-all service number.

    Things to Know:

    • Payment should be updated and account has no outstanding balance.
    • No pending aftersales request.
    • Service Connection Fee to be charged to your PLDT account
    • P300 Random number.
    • P3,000 Any other regular number selected by the subscriber
    • P5,000 Pre-selected numbers ”attractive numbers” (e.g. 8888, 777, 1234)
      Sample of Pre-Selected numbers requested by subscriber.
      • Repeating last 3 digits e.g. 812-1333
      • Repeating last 4 digits e.g. 812-1111
      • Repeating last 4 digits e.g. 812-1313
      • Other pre-selected numbers: 1234, 7777, 8888 e.g. 812-1234 
    • Note: Amount shown are all VAT inclusive

    Processing Time for the request is within 24 to 48 hours

  • Moving to a new address?

    You may request for relocation and will facilitate transfer of your service to your new address on your preferred date*.

    *With dependency on facility & technician’s availability

    Things to Know:

    • New area should either be Fiber ready or serviceable by PLDT.
    • Account should be active and no unpaid balance and pending aftersales request
    • A new number will be allocated to the service. Request to retain telephone number can be accommodated depending on availability
    • There will be service interruption while processing relocation. Service will resume once installation to new address is complete
    • Transfer Fee of P1,100 (VAT inclusive) will be charged to PLDT account. This can be waived depending on credit rating & tenure
    • Continuous lock-in period
    • Pro-rated or partial monthly service fee
    • Pre-Termination Fee will be charged in case of disconnection
    • Other documentary requirements may be required

    Processing Time is within 5 calendar days

  • Want to transfer the service to a new user?

    Request for change of ownership to transfer all the telephone rights to the new owner.

    Things to Know:

    • Completely filled out and signed CIS (Customer Information Sheet) Form
    • Valid Government ID of existing and new customers
    • New account number will be assigned to new owner, if not an immediate family member (spouse, child or sibling of the outgoing customer)
    • No pending aftersales request
    • Pro-rated or partial monthly service fee
    • Settlement of outstanding balance and keeping the account active are preconditions to the approval of the transfer.
    • Transfer shall take effect and binding once validated, approved and processed by PLDT
    • Other documentary requirements may be required
      • Death Certificate of outgoing customer if already deceased 
      • Letter of Request/Authorization is mandatory for Non-Customer on Record.

    Processing Time is within 24 to 48 hours

  • Need to make long-distance calls through your PLDT Landline?

    Request for NDD & IDD to call any part of the country and the rest of the world.

    Things to Know:

    Requirements for New Subscribers

    • Customer Application Form
    • Subscription Certificate (SubCert)
    • Customer Authentication

    Requirements for Existing Subscriber(SOR)

    • Customer Authentication
    • Account should have no unpaid balance at point of NDD/IDD feature application.
    • Account should not be under account treatment at the point of NDD/IDD feature application

    Processing time is within 24 to 48 hours