Data Privacy Notice

As a condition for use of the service, you permit PLDT Home and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors to process and/or disclose personal data, including data that may be classified as personal information and/or sensitive personal information under the Data Privacy Act of 2012, to agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, and other third parties, in order to undertake activities that may include, among others:

  1. Conducting analysis for purposes of research and marketing initiatives, including the generation of anonymized or non-personally identifiable location and mobility data to show footfall, location patterns, crowd density, and other information that may be relevant for marketing purposes;

  2. Managing your account, providing customer care activities, monitoring the quality and security of the network, training our staff, providing the services to you in a timely and efficient manner, and ensuring your fair and lawful use of the products and services provided by PLDT Home;

  3. Generating statistical insights based on usage/network information to assist the Government in planning for healthcare, disaster, and other similar initiatives;

  4. Credit scoring programs and initiatives, including but not limited to providing information to the Credit Information Corporation in furtherance of the objectives of Republic Act No. 9501, otherwise known as the Credit Information System Act;

  5. Sending commercial and promotional advertisements, loyalty and rewards offers, surveys, customer-care, and after sales communications, and other broadcast push messages;

  6. Sharing your personal data with third-party content providers or other third-party services for which you sign up; and

  7. Such other processing or disclosure that may be required under law or regulations.

For Converged Service Customers Only

 Additionally, by availing of the service bundle, you further recognize and consent that:

  1. Each of the sub-services is allowed to collect and process the information indicated in your Service Application Form for the purposes indicated above; and

  2. Each of the sub-services may share personal data for credit scoring purposes.

 Your Personal Data may be obtained in many ways including through market research activities, via our websites and apps, and from PLDT Home’s subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, and third-party service providers.

You may view our Privacy Policy here