1 The PLDT Home DSL Switch Offer is valid from May 15 to December 31, 2018.
2 The said offer is open to the following:
  • Totally new Home DSL customers switching from non-PLDT Fixed Wired, Fixed Wireless, Pocket WiFi or Landline only services
  • Existing PLDT Landline only customers with subscription to non-PLDT Fixed Wired, Fixed Wireless or Pocket WiFi broadband subscription, switching to Home DSL.
3 Eligible customers shall enjoy the following:
  • 50% OFF on their PLDT Home DSL bill for 6 months
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE WiFi Modem
  • Unli Fam Calls to 5 Smart/TNT/Sun numbers
4 The following shall apply to the DSL Switch subscription:
  • Lock-in Period: 36 months
  • Pre-termination Fee: 3x the Regular Home DSL monthly fee
  • 5 Interested customers must submit the following documents to avail of the offer:
  • Valid ID
  • Signed PLDT Customer Information Sheet
  • Switch Subscription Contract
  • Most recent, non-PLDT Fixed Wired, Fixed Wireless, Pocket WiFi Broadband or Landline bill
  • (The name and address reflected on the non-PLDT bill must be the same name and address to be used for the subscriber's PLDT account.)
    6 All applications received as well as subscriptions for the offers are subject to PLDT’s Standard Credit Screening and Facility Check.

    DTI-FTEB Permit No. 7927, Series of 2017