How much is HBO GO?

P199 for a 1-month voucher and P399 for a 3-month voucher, conveniently charged to your PLDT Home bill.

Can I watch a live broadcast of any of the HBO channels via HBO GO?

Yes, we offer streaming of Live TV channels on HBO GO. Please select "Live TV" to be able to watch live streams of any of the HBO channels - HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Signature, HBO Family and Cinemax.

Can I watch shows and movies on HBO GO in HD?

HBO GO offers HD content as long as it is made available by the content provider. Do note that the quality of content is automatically optimized to your bandwidth availability to provide a better continual playback experience. If you are experiencing poor quality playback, please check for required bandwidth and device compatibility requirements.

Are subtitles and audio dubs offered on HBO GO?

Subtitles and multiple audio language tracks are available for select content on HBO Go.

How does the Watchlist work?

The Watchlist allows you to create a personalized list of shows or movies you want to watch while they are available on HBO GO. Once you find a show or movie you want to watch, select "Add to Watchlist" on your device. You can add an unlimited number of titles and, from your computer, sort them by release date or title. The items in your Watchlist will remain the same, even when you log in to HBO GO from a different device. Shows will remain in your Watchlist until you remove or delete them, or when they expire.

What is the minimum speed of internet connectivity required to run HBO GO?

The minimum internet connection speed required to run HBO Go is 512Kbps, however we recommend a 10Mbps connection speed for optimal video quality. We employ an adaptive streaming technology that automatically matches your broadband speed and the video bitrate.

Is HBO GO available in other countries?

In Asia, HBO GO is available in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore.

Why is the content on HBO GO different in Asia as compared to the U.S?

As content rights varies across territories, you may be seeing different content on HBO GO Asia and HBO GO U.S.

Does HBO use or share my account information?

Your privacy is very important to HBO. Their Privacy Policy is openly available and accessible to everyone from the menu.

I added shows to my Watchlist but they're not there anymore. What happened?

Shows are automatically deleted from your Watchlist once the content license expire.

How can I stream HBO GO on TV if I do not have a smart TV?

HBO GO supports Airplay and Google Cast on our mobile and tablet applications.

To cast HBO GO to your TV screen, check that you have (enabled) the following:

  • A Google-certified Cast Receiver* (for Casting) or Apple TV (for Air Play).
  • Connect the cast receiver or Apple TV to the same network that your mobile app is on.

These are the supported Chromecast receivers: Chromecast (1st gen) - Firmware version 1.36.159268
Chromecast (2nd gen) - Firmware version 1.44.185164
Chromecast - Firmware version 1.44.185164
Chromecast Ultra - Firmware version 1.44.185164

Does HBO GO support screen mirroring?

We do not support screen mirroring at the moment. However you may stream HBO GO on Smart TV apps, or cast/airplay to your TV screen.

How does the Download feature work?

You can watch your favorite shows on the go without an Internet connection. Simply click on the Download icon to start downloading the show to your device. We recommend that you download your shows over a Wi-Fi network to minimize data usage.

What are the restrictions for downloading content and offline playback?

You may download up to 20 pieces of content in total across your registered devices. Some shows may only be downloaded for a limited number of times due to licensing rights

Will the downloaded content be available to me at any time that I choose?

You may launch the HBO GO app and watch all downloaded content on the go without an internet connection. Downloaded content will expire up to 30 days after download, or 48 hours after you pressed play., whichever comes first. The expiry date of each downloaded content will be displayed on the download page.

Is all the content on HBO GO available for download and offline viewing?

All HBO original content and selected movie content are available for download. We have recently made more Hollywood blockbusters available for download so that you can also enjoy them on the go.

Why am I unable to download the content that I want?

It may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Licensing rights do not permit the content to be available for download.
  2. Download rights for the content have expired.
  3. Your device has reached its storage limit.
  4. You have downloaded 20 pieces of content (either on one device or across multiple registered devices).
  5. You have exceeded the number of downloads permitted for each piece of content. Due to licensing rights, some content can only be downloaded limited number of times.

Can I log in to my device with another account and still watch my downloaded content?

Your downloaded content will be deleted from the device if another account is used to log in on the same device.

Can I access my downloaded content if I login to another device using the same HBO GO account?

Downloaded content is not transferrable across devices. Content will only be downloaded and stored in the device you used for downloading.

Do note that the content download restrictions apply across all registered devices, if you decide to download the same piece of content on another device.

Where do I find my downloaded content?

You may find your downloaded content under the DOWNLOADS section, accessible on your mobile navigation bar.

How can I delete my downloaded content?

To delete your downloaded content, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the DOWNLOADS section
  • Tap on ‘Edit’ in the top right hand corner
  • Tap on the delete icon to remove your downloaded content.

What happens after my downloaded content expires?

Once the downloaded content expires, it will be deleted from your device.You may chose to stream it or download it again.

*Certain content may only be available for download a limited number of times.

Can I cast or Airplay my downloaded content?

Downloaded content cannot be viewed through Chromecast or Airplay.

Who do I contact if HBO GO is not working or an error appears during regular operation of HBO GO?

If you are facing issues with your HBO GO account, please contact for assistance.

If you are experiencing issues with your voucher purchase via PLDT, contact our hotline at 171 or via PLDT Home’s official social media channels.

Why do I see the error message "Access to this resource is forbidden by the access policy."?

We have updated our apps to provide a better streaming experience. If you are using HBO GO app versions 6.0.6 (iOS) or 6.0.7 (Android) and earlier, please update your apps immediately by downloading.

I have the HBO GO Philippines app. Why am I unable to use it anymore?

HBO GO is constantly upgrading their apps to provide the best user experience. The new app provides a seamless sign in experience, more stability and feature updates.

The HBO GO Philippines app 7.0.14 (iOS) / 7.0.144 (Android) or earlier that you may have on your device will no longer be supported. To continue using the HBO GO service, please download the new app from iTunes store or Google Play Store.

Downloads are not transferrable between apps or devices. Since you logged in on the new app, you will not see your earlier downloads.

If you require further assistance, please contact the customer service team at

I used to be able to watch Red by HBO Live Channel on HBO GO but I cannot find it now?

Red by HBO channel will no longer be available on HBO GO after June 2021. HBO and its suite of other channels will continue to be available on HBO Go.

What will happen to the shows that are currently on RED By HBO?

You can continue to watch award-winning HBO Asia Originals on HBO GO. HBO will continue to invest in producing and acquiring high quality programs from around Asia, cutting across a wide range of genres including drama, horror and documentary, with the aim to increase the overall Asian content offering on HBO GO.

How do I access/watch HBO GO?

Set up your HBO GO by following these simple steps:

  • Via Desktop Web: Enter in your web browser.
    Supported browsers: Microsoft Edge (Windows), Chrome (Windows / Mac), Firefox (Windows/Mac), Safari (Mac)
  • Via Mobile/Tablet: Download HBO GO app from App Store or Google Play

Can I watch HBO GO on multiple devices?

Yes! As a valid HBO GO user, you can enjoy 3 concurrent streams (subject to 10 registered devices) per account.

How do I continue my HBO GO subscription?

Once your subscription is done, just purchase another one via

How do I cancel my HBO GO subscription?

Canceling is not allowed once voucher has been purchased and activated. Just wait for your subscription to end as there will be no recurring charges.

How do I log in if I have an existing HBO GO account?

For existing HBO GO users who have created an account on HBO GO previously:

  • Select 'Sign In' on web or mobile
  • Enter your registered email address and password to log in

How do I pair the HBO GO TV app to my account?

If you have the HBO GO TV app, you need to pair it with your HBO GO mobile/tablet app or on the HBO GO asia website. You may follow the steps below:

  • Sign in on your mobile/tablet app or the HBO GO Asia website with the HBO GO account having an active subscription
  • On your TV app, select Sign In
  • You will see two options to pair: Scan a QR code or enter a 6-digit activation code
  • To scan QR code, go to SETTINGS in your mobile/tablet app and select Scan QR.
  • Now scan the QR code on screen and your TV app will be paired to your account!
  • To use the 6-digit activation code, go to Now enter the code you see on your TV screen and your TV app will be paired to your account!

How do I update the email address of my HBO GO account?

To update your account’s email address:

  • (On Web) Click on your name / (On Mobile) Click on Settings in the Menu
  • Select Profile
  • Update your email address and click save
  • Enter your account password to confirm the change

What happens if I forget my password?

We know this happens to everyone, and we are here to help! Follow these easy steps to reset your password:

  • Select Sign In on your web browser or in the Menu bar within the application
  • Select Forgot Password
  • Update your email address and click save
  • An email will be sent to you with instructions to reset your password

How many devices can I link to my HBO GO account?

You can link up to 10 registered devices to your account (subject to 3 concurrent streams). Web browsers are counted as individual devices. If you exceed the maximum number of registered devices, you will be prompted to delete an existing device when you are signing in with the new device.

How can I manage my registered devices (add/edit/delete)?

To add a new device, simply sign in to HBO GO and it will automatically add to your list of registered devices. To edit or remove a registered device, simply follow these steps:

  • (On Web) Click on your name / (On Mobile) Click on Settings in the Menu
  • Select Device Management
  • Edit the name of a registered device or delete a registered device
  • Click Save

Can I choose to opt-in or opt-out to receive communications from HBO GO?

We highly recommend that you opt in to get the latest updates on HBO GO. But you have the option to change your preference anytime.

  • (On Web) Click on your name / (On Mobile) Click on Settings in the Menu
  • Select Profile
  • Update your preference and click Save.

What is Parental Control for and how does it work?

We have Parental Control in place to ensure that children are not exposed to content that are not suitable for their age when they use HBO GO. The Parental Control feature is controlled by a 4-digit pin and different levels of restriction: General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), PG13, 16, 18, 21. After setting your Parental Control pin, you will be asked to enter the pin whenever you play a content that is equivalent to or exceeds the restricted level.

Can I change / reset my Parental Control pin?

You may change or reset your 4-digit pin under Parental Control in the Settings Menu.

Is all the content on HBO GO rated, and what are the content advisories available?

All the content on HBO GO has a content rating. Ratings can be viewed on each detail page and content advisories will be displayed before each HBO GO programme.

Rating Advisory
G Suitable for general viewing
PG Parental guidance for young viewers is advised.
PG13 The following program may contain mature themes, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 13. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.
16 The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 16. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.
18 The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 18. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.
21 The following program may contain mature theme, violence, nudity, sex, coarse language, drug or horror and may not be suitable for viewers under 21. Viewer discretion is advised and parental controls are available.

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