landline-desktop-v2 Landline Plus Prepaid Mobile

Make and receive landline calls whenever, wherever within your homezone!


Enjoy unlimited landline calls within your area of application


Send and receive SMS

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Easy subscription – no application or documents needed!

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Instant activation – just insert the SIM into any compatible phone.


Landline Plus Postpaid

Get a wireless landline for as low as P600 monthly!

Local Free Minutes Unlimited
In Excess
NDD To PLDT P 1.00/minute
To other network P 5.10/minute
Calls to Mobile P6.50/minute
SMS Free 120
Local P1.00/SMS
International P15/SMS
Lock-in period 12 months

Apply now through any PLDT Sales and Service Center

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Landline Plus Prepaid

Enjoy flexible load offers for your wireless landline!

Initial Cash out for 2-in-1 Prepaid SIM P200.00
Initial load - good for 7 days with FREE 100 local minutes. Succeeding load can be P150/ 15 days or P300 / 30 days depending on the desired plan. +P100.00

Note: Should have at least P 150.00 load for Plan 150 and P 200 to make and receive calls.

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Choose the load offer that suits your budget

  • Plan 150

    15-day incoming call service

    250 FREE local minutes for outgoing call service

    DIAL #101*150

  • Plan 300

    30-day incoming call service

    600 FREE local minutes for outgoing call service

    DIAL #101*300

NOTE: Make sure that you have PLDT Smart regular load equivalent to the load offer you want to avail.

You may avail of additional PLDT Smart regular load for other outgoing calls & SMS.

See applicable rates

How Tos

Via E-Load

  1. Go to any PLDT Load / Smart Load Retailer. There are more than 1 million outlets nationwide.
  2. Ask the retailer to load your account: For Metro Manila: Type 0632 + your 7-digit PLP 2-in-1
    Prepaid Number
    (Example 06328120471)

    For non-Metro Manila subscribers: Type 63 + 2-digit area code + your 7-digit PLDT 2-in-1 Prepaid Number.
    (Example 06328120471)

Note: It is important to as your retailer to show you the confirmation message on his cell phone. You will also receive a confirmation message via text on your PLDT 2-in-1 Prepaid Service.

PLAN 300 PLAN 150
Local P300.000 P150.000
Dial <access code><MSF>
Example #101*300
(30-day load validity)
(15-day load validity)
Where #101* - Access Code
300 - MSF
#101* - Access Code
150 - MSF