The PLDT Call All Service bundles the Postpaid Main Landline and a Wireless Landline that allows you to make FREE and UNLIMITED landline calls to your Home Zone when calling from anywhere in the Country!

Instant Landline

  • Just insert SIM into any open line handset
  • Use it on the spot
  • No installation / no waiting


In over 2 Million SMART Load and PLDT retailers nationwide


Make and receive calls anywhere within Metro Manila or the province you applied for.


Choose between 2 monthly plans

To activate, simply insert SIM card into the corresponding slot of your handset

E-load your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid account to fund your first monthly plan

You can now subscribe to a 30-day plan.

Subscribe any of these plans:

PLAN 300

  • Load e wallet with at least P300
  • Dial #101*300 OR SEND MSF300 TO 2270

PLAN 150

  • Load e wallet with at least P150
  • Dial #101*150 or send MSF150 to 2270

PLAN 100

  • Load e wallet with at Least P100
  • Dial #101*100 or send MSF100 to 2270

- Manually register to a 30-day plan to enjoy your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM
- Maintain enough balance to automatically renew your current plan
- If not, simply reload and register to your preferred plan

Via Load Card

Dial 101 212 + 12 digit card PIN and press the call button

A voice prompt will confirm successful loading and validity, plus your new e-wallet balance

Via e-Load

  1. Ask your retailer to load in this format:
    0632 + your 7-digit PLDT LandlinePlus Prepaid Number Ex: 632 123 4567
    63 + 2 digit area code + your 7-digit PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Number
    Ex: for Cebu-based number: 63 32 1234567
  2. You will get an SMS notification on successful loading.
  3. Check your balance to confirm

Balance Inquiry
There are 2 ways to check your balance:


Dial #101 328 and follow the instructions given by the Interactive Voice Recording Service (IVRS)


Text BAL to 2270

If you have any questions regarding your calls or text messages, call our customer service hotline at 171.
Call/Text disputes will only be entertained within 7 days after the transaction.
All transactions that are not disputed within this period shall be deemed valid.

Your PLDT Landline Plus SIM card


Your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Card


Area Code
A PLDT code to determine which area or province your line belongs to.


ICCID (integrated Circuit Card ID)
A unique 16-digit number that identifies your SIM card may be asked from you in case you encounter problems with your SIM, such as no incoming/outgoing calls and failed package registration.


PIN (Personal Identification Number)
For security reasons, your SIM is protected by PIN1 and PIN2 codes. Carefully key in your PIN when required to enter to avoid blocking or limiting usage of certain functions of your phone. In such case, you may be required to enter any of the PIN Unblocking Keys (PUK).


PUK (PIN Unblocking Key)
Acts as a security feature of your phone. The SIM card will be locked if three (3) incorrect PIN codes are entered in succession. In this case, you can go back to your 8-digit PUK numbers to unlock your phone.

This Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is your gateway to PLDT’s Voice and Date Services.
This SIM card is your unique security device which contains information needed to validate your access to PLDT Services.
For more inquiries, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter (@pldthome).
The security and care of this SIM shall be the subscriber’s responsibility. PLDT shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of this SIM card
or for any damage due to negligence on the part of the subscriber.

How to Make Outgoing Calls and Texts

Types of Calls/Texts

Local Format


Dial 7-digit telephone number
Example: 8120471 (voice only)

Dial 0 + area code + 7-digit number
Example: 028120471


Dial 0 + area code + 7-digit number
Example: 0468120471

Cellular Phone

Dial 0 + network code + 7-digit number
Example: 09188120471


Dial 00 + country code + area code + 7-digital number
Example: (USA) 0014158120471

Flexible Loading Options

Your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM can be loaded via PLDTLoad from any local and e-load retailers nationwide.

Choose from affordable load denominations as low as P30 for additional outgoing calls or texts.

Load Amount

All load denominations are valid for 1 year.

PLAN 100

PLAN 150

PLAN 300

Active Account

  • Wtith incoming calls/texts
  • Can make outgoing calls/text depending on load balance/package airtime

DAY 1 - 7

DAY 1 - 15

DAY 1 - 30

Reloading Period

  • No incoming or outgoing calls but with incoming text but with incoming SMS reminders from PLDT
  • You can re-activate anytime by loading System will check your e-wallet daily if you have enough load to fund your last subscriber plan. 
    You will receive an SMS notification if auto-deduct has been successful

DAY 8 - 60

DAY 16 - 60

DAY 31 - 60

Temporary Disconnection

  • No incoming or outgoing calls and texts but with incoming SMS reminders from PLDT
  • Reactivate the service by doing the following:
    • Reload P300 for reccnnection fee on top of preferred plan denomination
    • Reconnect to your preferred plan by dialing #101 *(PLAN) or sending MSF (PLAN) to 2270


DAY 61 - 90




  • The SIM will be deactivated on Day 91. 
  • The telephone number may be reassigned to another subscriber.
  • Any existing e-loads in the e-wallet will be forfeited.
  • You will have to buy a new SIM with a new telephone number


DAY 91