Activate your PLDT Home Health Pass today!

Enjoy 1 free mWell video consult and Lifeline ambulance ride


Make PLDT Home your health and wellness partner!

You are entitled to 1 free mWell video consult and Lifeline ambulance service until February 29, 2024


Telemedicine Needs

24/7 Online consultation with mWell’s vast network of specialized doctors and access to home care service and healthsavers plan.

Ambulance Ride

Emergency Quick Response provided by Lifeline 16-911
*Coverage area of the Lifeline 16-911 service is within Metro Manila only.

Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Daily workout videos, workout plans, meal plans, mindset lessons, and individual recipes with nutritional information.

Wellness Score

Your daily healthiness metric based on your physical activities and sleep, designed to help reduce health risks.


  • ConsultNowSession is transferrable.
  • Ambulance Ride Service is non-transferrable.
  • The Lifeline 16 911 service covers Metro Manila and some adjacent provinces: Antipolo, Taytay, Cainta in Rizal; San Pedro, Laguna, Bacoor, Cavite; and Meycauayan, Obando, and San Jose Del Monte.

How to redeem your PLDT Home Health Pass


Register on the mWell app using your Mobile Number, Facebook, Google, Email, or QR.


Go to Home Page and click on the PLDT Home banner to claim your FREE voucher.


Click the ‘Claim’ button to redeem your PLDT Health Pass.


Input the PLDT Home Health Pass code sent to your registered email address or mobile number.


A message confirming that you have claimed your PLDT Home Health Pass will pop on the screen. Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.


Click ‘Claim Now’ to fill out the Lifeline 16-911 Emergency Quick Response (EQR) Pass form.


Fill out the Lifeline 16-911 EQR Pass activation form and click ‘Submit’.


Your Lifeline 16-911 Emergency Quick Response (EQR) Pass details have been registered successfully.


Click “Profile” to view your unused Health Pass and Emergency Quick Response pass.



Sign in through this link:


Click ‘Consult Now’


Choose mWell doctor with an mWell badge.


Input Health Pass code.


OPTION 1: Via Home screen in mWell app

  1. Click on ‘Emergency’ in the mWell home page
  2. Subscribers can press the Hotline button 

OPTION 2: Via ConsultNow in mWell app

Subscribers can also access Lifeline EQR from the first screen of the ConsultNow booking process


Download the app now and experience the all-in-one solution healthcare system!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mWell?

mWell PH, a fully owned subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, is a fully integrated health app committed to providing quality healthcare. It's the fastest- growing health app in the Philippines supported by partner-doctors from top hospitals and clinics. It offers online doctor consultation—both for on-call teleconsultation and by appointment

What are the product features of mWell?

mWell is designed to empower you to take control of your health and wellness so you feel better and live a healthier lifestyle every day. We provide the following:

  • 24/7 online consultations with our doctors on-call.
  • By appointment online consultations with our primary care and specialized doctors.
  • mWellness Score – a daily healthiness metric that is based on your physical activities and sleep; designed to help reduce health risks
  • Nine Fitness & Nutrition Programs – daily workout videos, workout plans, meal plans, mindset lessons; individual recipes with nutritional information.
  • mWell Shop – features products that will provide you additional health security such as insurance, home care service, and Healthsavers plan.
  • Mind Health – access to mind health experts who will help you reduce stress and anxiety, have a greater sense of calm, be happier and more productive.

Who handles online consultations?

Medical consultations are performed by licensed doctors from a range of specializations. You can sort and select doctors in the mWell PH app via availability, hospital or clinic, specialty or by group e.g. mWell Healthsavers.

Can I use the mWell app in offline mode?

No, mWell App requires stable internet connection for the user to enjoy its features.

What is the minimum internet speed requirement to be able to enjoy the services of mWell?

Internet speed of at least 5 megabytes per second (5 Mbps)

What are the compatible devices and OS?

  • iOS devices must be able to run at least iOS13 or newer.
  • iPhones must be at least iPhone 6 or newer.

Android devices must be able to run at least Android 8.0 or newer

How do I redeem my FREE PLDT Home Health Pass?

To redeem your PLDT Home Health Pass - go to the mWell PH app and click the PLDT Home banner, input your voucher code and claim your 1 Consult Now and 1 Lifeline 16-911 Emergency Quick Response Pass.

What are included in the FREE PLDT Home Health Pass?

  • Free one (1) Consult Now which can be used by you or anyone in your household to consult with a General Practitioner. This includes:
    • Free e-Prescription
    • Free e-Medical Certificate
    • Free e-Laboratory Request
  • Free one (1) ambulance ride – non-transferrable, within Metro Manila for any emergency situatio It includes free use of medical supplies and equipment and free endorsement to the hospital except Covid case, special case transfer, and Home Care.

What are the specializations applicable for the FREE Health Pass?

For the Consult Now, covered specializations include: General Practitioners (Family Medicine and Primary Care only)

I already used my Free Consult Now health pass, can I still use the Free Ambulance ride?

Yes, the validity of the Free Health Pass and Free Ambulance ride is until February 29, 2024. As long as the particular service has not been used, it is valid until February 29, 2024.

What is the validity of the PLDT Home FREE Health Pass?

Validity period until February 29, 2024.

I have used up my Free mWell Health Pass (Teleconsultation and ambulance ride) before the end of free trial, can I already avail of the standard paid subscription of mWell via PLDT Home?

The mWell Health Pass as a standard offer via PLDT Home will be available soon.

mWell services may be availed directly via the mWell app. Lifeline may be reached thru these numbers: 16911 Using Landlines: 8839-25-25, Using Globe Numbers: 0917-52-16911, 0917-54-16911. Using Smart Numbers: 0998-98-16911, 0947-99-16911.

Where can I access my medical certificates, e-prescription, and e-laboratory requests?

After each online consultation, the doctors send you your e-Medical Certificate, e-Prescription, e-Lab Request. To access your consultation records:

  1. Click on the “Appointment” tab.
  2. Click the “Completed” tab on the Appointment page to view your completed appointments.
  3. Select the appointment to download your consultation notes, your e-Prescriptions, and any advice from your doctor.
  4. Your medical certificate, referral letter, and e-Laboratory request will also be sent via email after the consultation.

What is the Lifeline 16-911 service covered in the free vouchers?

Emergency Quick Response (EQR) Program

What are the inclusions of the EQR Program?

The following are included in the EQR Program: One (1) free Emergency Quick Response through Lifeline 16-911 within Metro Manila only.

  1. Coverage period: March 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024
  2. Non-transferrable
  3. Free use of Basic Supplies and Equipment
  4. Full Endorsement to the Receiving Hospital
  5. Response Time is within 30 mins
  6. One-time use only

How can I contact Lifeline outside of the mWell app?

mWell user can contact Lifeline 16-911 to avail of the Free Lifeline Emergency Quick Response by clicking on the ‘Emergency’ hotline button in the app.

But you can also reach Lifeline thru these numbers: 16911 Using Landlines: 8839-25-25, Using Globe Numbers: 0917-52-16911, 0917-54-16911. Using Smart Numbers: 0998-98-16911, 0947-99-16911. We suggest you store these numbers on your mobile phones for easy access.

What are the accepted pick-up points covered by the EQR Service?

Pick-up point must be within Metro Manila during an emergency

How long is the activation of my free EQR service?

Activation is within 48 hours from the time of receipt of mWell email confirmation.

Given that it will take within 48 hours to activate my Lifeline coverage, will the FREE Health Pass cover the cost should I need the service prior activation?

Lifeline will accommodate the user but given that the processing will take within 48 hours, free coverage will not be provided yet.

How do I download the mWell app?

Download the mWell PH app through Google Play Store (for Android users) or on the Apple Store (for iOS users)

How do I register in the mWell app?

Register with your email address, or log in directly with your Facebook ID, Google ID or Apple ID.

Enter your Full Name, Birthdate, Gender, and Age.

Anyone who is 18 years old and above can create an account.

How do I recover my password?

To recover your password, go to the email login screen and click “Forgot Password”. Enter your registered email address and wait for the email with the link to reset your password

I am having trouble logging into my account.

Please check if you’ve entered your Email address/mobile number and password correctly. If you’re still having trouble, try resetting your password. If the problem still persists, please raise a ticket via contact support option under settings or email .