Gutsy Filipino starrers that will make you feel proudly Pinoy to binge-watch

June 24, 2024

Gutsy Filipino starrers that will make you feel proudly Pinoy to binge-watch

Watch all these modern classics featuring Filipinos as main characters only with PLDT Home’s StreamTV!

Watch all these modern classics featuring Filipinos as main characters only with PLDT Home’s StreamTV!

So many titles, so little time! Streaming platforms are offering countless classics and current movies and series that it can get overwhelming when deciding what to watch on our limited free time. Where do you even begin?

To really make the most of what’s out there, PLDT Home is offering StreamTV for only P299 a month with access to your favorite streaming apps. StreamTV is a device that lets you watch shows and movies, listen to music, and control all your smart devices at home. It features an Android TV, two microphones and speakers, Google Assistant support and Chromecast technology, letting you conveniently control your content hands-free. With PLDT Home’s fast and reliable internet connection, you and your family can surely enjoy binge-watching your movies and shows uninterrupted.

There are several movies, series, and even sporting events that showcase high quality production, clever writing, and thrilling moments – altogether bringing pride to the Philippines in different ways. Here are some of PLDT Home’s recommended titles that you may want to include in your watchlist.

On the Job on HBO GO
The neo-noir crime thriller directed by Erik Matti is chilling not only for its premise but because it was allegedly inspired by a true story in the Philippine prison system. Written by Filipino-Japanese Michiko Yamamoto, the 2013 blockbuster tells the story of two prisoners who double as hitmen that get temporary freedom when they are contracted to execute enemies of their “client,” military general Pacheco, played by Leo Martinez.

The movie is a deep, dark, and swift descent into the inhumanity of humans. It banners Joel Torre (Mario) and Gerald Anderson (Daniel) as the incarcerated individuals – Mario’s only reason for accepting his situation is to send money to his daughter and ex-wife, while Daniel also sends “remittances” to his family. Joey Marquez (Acosta) and Piolo Pascual (Coronel) star as law enforcement officers.

The four men’s lives intersect when the hitmen kill a drug lord and a woman named Linda. Linda’s husband reveals to Acosta that these killings were carried out by prisoners and ordered by Pacheco, who’s running for the Senate, and his congressman friend Manrique (Michael de Mesa).

The critically-acclaimed film On the Job presents a tangled web of corruption and murder and a story of utter despair that reaches a heartbreaking end.

K-Love on Viu
It’s fun to watch a TV series that could very well be about you and your group of friends who adore Korean entertainment, and somehow your lives mirror their intricacies and lighthearted moments. The series K-Love is about five millennials navigating life, love, career, loneliness, and friendship in Manila, starring Iza Calzado (Tish), Isabelle Daza (Sheila), Sue Ramirez (Val), Jake Cuenca (Jay), and Gabby Padila (Fran).

They meet up weekly to watch their favorite K-dramas, and we get to know their struggles and what makes them happy. From the pilot episode – the one where Tish feels pressured to get married because her ob-gyne tells her that her biological clock is ticking very fast – we get glimpses of their character: one is competitive, another positive, others are restless, funny, perfectionist, insecure, and hopeful.

One of the most enjoyable episodes is Episode 7 – the one where our squad goes to K-pop idol Jin Ho’s exclusive fan meet. Now, what would a real K-pop fan do? Of course, they’d sneak into the VIP tent, which is exactly what Fran and Val try to do.

It is only through two seasons and 18 episodes (all of them now on Viu), and the situations they find themselves in that we get nuances of their characters – when they’re caught in ethical dilemmas, their strength and vulnerabilities rise to the surface. Issues such as risking a friendship for a relationship, lack of self-confidence, and dealing with a breakup are all too real.

Escape Plan: The Extractors on Lionsgate Play
Asian representation in Hollywood movies and series is no longer a rarity. And this makes Pinoy sighting fun when streaming content. One Hollywood actor you may not be aware as being part-Filipino is Dave Bautista, whose Escape Plan: The Extractors – from The Extractors franchise – is currently streaming on Lionsgate Play. The movie puts Bautista on equal billing with action movie legend Sylvester Stallone, seasoned actor Devon Sawa, and rapper 50 Cent.

Bautista plays Trent DeRosa, who helps Stallone’s character Ray Breslin to rescue a kidnap victim. A Hong Kong tech mogul’s daughter and her entourage are abducted, and he hires Breslin and his team to work with her former bodyguard to rescue them from the top-secret black site they are imprisoned.

DeRosa and Breslin find out that the heiress is being held in a prison compound in Latvia. The two, along with Breslin’s girlfriend Abigail, travel to Latvia. The film is filled with several thrilling action sequences that you’d expect from Stallone and Bautista starrers.

AVC 2024 on Pilipinas Live
Pilipinas Live broadcasts live and on-demand games and highlights, news, and exclusive videos from top sports leagues in the Philippines; tournaments where the Philippine national teams compete; and various other sports that Filipinos love.

Are you a volleyball fan? You can relive the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Challenge Cup 2024 – held in Manila (women’s) and Bahrain (men’s) – all on the Pilipinas Live app.

The cup being intense is an understatement. Manila welcomed 10 all-female teams – Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, and the Philippines – from May 22 to 29. Matches were held at the iconic Rizal Memorial Coliseum and broadcast live on the Pilipinas Live app. Ultimately, Alas Pilipinas, the Philippine national women’s volleyball team, defeated Australia to nab the bronze. Kazakhstan took the silver, and Vietnam brought the gold medal home. Meanwhile, the men’s tournament was held at the Isa Sport City Hall in Manama, Bahrain from June 2 to 9, with the Philippine men’s team finishing 10th.

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