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Splurge vs. Save: The Best Microphones For Gaming and Streaming

Sep 23, 2022
By Louigi Balao

3 min read

AB_Splurge vs Save_ Gaming Microphones

You may be God-like in reflex and aim, but, at the end of the day, communication is vital when playing team-based games such as Valorant, Apex, PUBG, and more! In order to relay proper information in an intense match, a microphone is needed, which is why we shall delve into this matter by providing you with a list you can purchase today.

Head-turning microphones you can grab online!

Check out these gaming microphones for every budget!


Elgato Wave 3

Priced at ₱7,850

Elgato Wave 3

From Elgato Official Website

We are hitting the price levels above ₱5,000, and beginning that category is the slim and gorgeous Wave 3 from Elgato. This condenser microphone offers audio clarity due to its durable steel grille. It is a USB microphone allowing users the plug-and-play feature and follows the cardioid pattern. It is noted to have a high-powered headphone output jack meaning you will have zero-latency monitoring so that you can hear what your audience is hearing.

Blue Yeti Nano

Priced at ₱7,695

Blue Yeti Nano

From Blue Official Website

If you were searching for a microphone, I’m sure the name “Blue Yeti” has come across your search history. Well, take a look at the Blue Yeti Nano and all its nano-fied glory. Small yet impactful, this microphone is great for streamers, podcasters, at-home workers, and musicians, thanks to its crisp and refined sound. Despite only having cardioid and omnidirectional patterns, the microphone’s performance is amplified thanks to its VO!CE platform that allows EQ, noise reduction, and more.

HyperX Quadcast

Priced at ₱5,990

Hyper X Quadcast

From HyperX Official Website

Aside from its sleek and alluring looks, the HyperX Quadcast has four selectable polar patterns, which include stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional. It is noted to be tremendously sturdy, quite innovative due to its built-in pop filter, and sulit thanks to its anti-vibration shock mount. So if you ever hit your knee on your desk accidentally, this mic will minimize that sound–be careful, though, even while you play.



Priced at ₱3,299


From BOYA Official Website

If you are keen on jumpstarting your streaming hobby or career, this puppy is a great buy. The BOYA BY-PM500, quite a name, is a microphone with two selectable polar patterns; cardioid and omnidirectional. And unlike the previous two, you gain dials and a muting function to control your gain levels directly. In addition, it is capable of live feedback for 3.5mm headphones and comes with a solid stand.

Razer Seiren Mini

Priced at ₱1,995

Razer Seiren mini

From Razer Official Website

Jumping on the ship of portability! The Razer Seiren Mini microphone hits the list at just under ₱2,000. If your setup needs that additional touch of audio-finesse, this might be your pick as it comes in color choices of white, pink, and black. The cool thing about this microphone is its precise super-cardioid pickup pattern that has a tighter pattern to reduce background noise, focusing on your voice and your comms.

Redragon GM100

Priced at ₱870

Redragon GM100

From Redragon Official Website

Finishing off the save category is the Redragon GM100. This cute and portable condenser microphone is omnidirectional, comes with a 3.5mm jack, and is equipped with a nifty pop filter. If you ever need a quick tool for interviews on the go for class projects, this microphone is a great go-to, especially for its price under ₱1,000.

All microphones are viable depending on your use; some may just need less tinkering than others. But if you were to ask our opinion about what to buy, we would suggest going with one that suits your needs. For example, if you are eyeing becoming a streamer, buy a microphone that will support that, but if you require a microphone for casual comms in gaming, you can settle for something cheaper. The choice is up to you.

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Editor’s Note: Recommendations are based on personal and sourced reviews. Prices may vary depending on the store and website.


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