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5 Korean Actors You Didn’t Know Sang In Their Own Drama OSTs

Aug 17, 2022 by


By Gracey Maala

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AB_5 Korean Actors You Didn’t Know Sang In Their Own Drama OSTs

A K-Drama is worth viewing for a variety of factors—when the plot is crazy good, when the chemistry between the lead roles is perfect, when we can’t get over their superb performance, or when the drama’s official soundtrack just gives us all the feels.

Let these leading men serenade you now!

If you’ve already seen a lot of Korean dramas on Viu Premium with PLDT Home, you’d agree that watching the narrative unfold with the most fitting track in the background keeps everyone at the peak of interest.

The dramas become even more special when you know your favorite stars sing some of the songs themselves! ICYDK, here’s a list of five Korean actors who lent their lovely voices for their drama’s soundtracks.

Ji Chang-wook

Ji Chang-wook in Melting Me Softly

Courtesy of Viu

How do you know Ji Chang-wook absolutely nails music and acting? This talented, good-looking man has lent his sweet voice in almost all his drama series, from Melting Me Softly to Suspicious Partner, Healer, Warrior Dong-soo, and more. Watch him in the MV for “When Love Passes By” below!

Park Seo-joon

Park Seo-joon in Hwarang

Courtesy of Viu

Did you know that this fabulous actor has also sung in many of his dramas? Park Seo-joon will capture your heart (even more) as he serenades you with his tracks on the OSTs of Hwarang and She Was Pretty. A pretty boy with a pretty voice? Yes, please! Stream the MV for “Our Tears” below!

Park Hyung-sik

Park Hyung-sik in Hwarang

Courtesy of Viu

You’ll also hear Hyung-Sik singing in one of the tracks in the Hwarang OST, and it’s definitely worth hyping! It’s no longer surprising that he has a beautiful voice, as he was one of the members of the South Korean boyband ZE:A. Watch the MV for “I’ll Be Here” below!

Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun in Moon Embracing Sun

Courtesy of Viu

Our love from the star, Kim Soo Hyun, who visited the Philippines in June, has shown off his singing voice in various popular dramas, such as Dream High, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and My Love from the Star. He’s so incredibly talented, it only makes sense he’s one of the highest paid actors in South Korea! Listen to him sing “The One and Only You” below!

Lee Jong-suk

Lee Jong-suk in While You Were Sleeping

Courtesy of Viu

Another multi-talented actor who is just as good at acting as he is at singing is Lee Jong-suk! He made his singing debut in the OST of While You Were Sleeping, and you’ll surely fall in love when you hear him sing “Come To Me” below!

It’s beyond doubt that these phenomenal men captured our hearts with their breathtaking looks, great acting skills, and superb voices — and no one can stop us from stanning them and streaming their drama series on Viu Premium with PLDT Home!


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By Gracey Maala

Gracey is the lead content writer for Next Upgrade’s Technology and Gaming sections. She loves to explore and learn new stuff for work, while she enjoys telling stories, watching TV series, and bonding with her mom and dogs in her free time.



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