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How To Create A Safer Smart Space

Apr 06, 2022 by


By Excel V. Dyquiangco

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With smart gadgets getting more inexpensive and easier to install than ever before, you may be wondering how you can add more smart home technology to your own. Smart devices, which can manage almost everything within your home’s network, help you create a safer smart space for you and your children.

Here’s a room-by-room guide to help you get started!

Of course, you need a fast internet connection to make these work. PLDT Home Fiber has great plans in managing your smart home for you and your family. You can go from 50mbps to 1000mbps real quick!

To help you make your life simpler and safer, not to mention more energy-efficient, we put up a room-by-room guide to home automation.

Entryway (Smart Locks)


Forgetting your keys is a major annoyance, and the constant anxiety over whether or not you closed the door before leaving on vacation may ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip. So why not install a smart door lock for your peace of mind? Not only does it keep your house safe, but it also provides you with access to your main door anytime, anywhere.

Some smart locks resemble traditional deadbolt locks, but with Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities. Other locks use touchscreen keypads that usually come with the added security of a backup code. You may program your lock to detect your smartphone and automatically lock and unlock the door when you leave and return home. You can also manage your lock remotely, allowing you to lock or unlock the door for a neighbor or a visitor. It can also be programmed to arm your security system whenever the door locks!

Living Room (Smart Lights)


Although turning lights on and off isn’t very inconvenient, smart bulbs provide a number of unexpected advantages for both your house and your money. Smart lightbulbs last 10 times longer than standard lights and use just 8.5 watts of power, compared to 60 watts for traditional bulbs. Plus, it's as simple as replacing a lightbulb with smart one.

Once your new smart lightbulb is installed, you may use your smartphone to change the color, dim it to your preferred brightness, or schedule it to turn on and off at specific times, depending on the model you purchase.

The scheduling option also serves as a security function, since having lights switch on and off throughout the evening can deter potential criminals into believing the property is occupied even when it’s not.

Kitchen (Smart Speakers)


Aside from the living room, your kitchen is a popular meeting spot, making it ideal for a smart speaker that can let you control other smart devices in your house with voice commands.

There’s no need to halt what you’re doing if you’re baking or cooking. Simply say the command, and you can access a recipe or add an item to your grocery list directly on an app on your smartphone.

You can also use your smart speaker to make phone calls, listen to music and news, check the weather, get answers to crucial questions, set timers, play games, and more.

Bedroom (Smart Plugs)


Perhaps you’d like to adorn your bedroom with more lights and appliances, but worry about the skyrocketing cost of bills? No need to fret! By installing smart outlets, you can save electricity and energy. What’s more, you can also enjoy the convenience of voice-activated control if you connect the outlet to your smart speaker.

The wonderful thing about smart gadgets is that they give you the ability to make your house work for you. With a simple voice command, you can lock the door, activate the security system, and shut out the lights. As long as you have PLDT Home Fiber to keep all your devices connected, you can relax knowing you've created a smart home system that perfectly meets your needs.


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