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QUIZ: How Smart is Your Smart Home?

Apr 06, 2022 by


By Excel V. Dyquiangco

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With the Internet of Things (IoT) finding its way into more parts of our lives, it has inevitably given new meaning to “staying connected.” It continues to transform our habits, individually and collectively, and it’s a trend that researchers say will just get bigger and bigger.

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In smart homes, we see this technology come in the form of your smart speaker turning down the lights or using your smartphone to arm your security system even when you’re not around—and that’s only the beginning!

Smart devices can be easily integrated into your home for improved security, automation, and communication; but when does a home truly become a smart home?

Take this quiz to find out!

Your kids phone you at work, saying they’ve misplaced their house key. What do you do?


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  1. Ask them to look for the keys inside the flower pot in your garden.
  2. Text them the code to your push-button keypad.
  3. Log onto your smart home app to unlock your house.

You’ve just climbed into bed and noticed the kitchen lights are still on. How do you turn them off?

  1. Climb out of bed and go to the kitchen.
  2. You order Alexa, Google, or Siri to turn off the light, so you don’t need to get out of bed.
  3. Ask one of your kids to turn off the lights.

When the doorbell rings, you’re in the middle of preparing dinner, and you’re not expecting anyone. What do you do?

  1. Go to your front door and answer it.
  2. Look through the peephole and see who is there.
  3. Open the video doorbell camera feed from your phone and converse with whoever’s at the door through the app.

The sound of a crash in another room wakes you up late at night. What are your options?

  1. Make a mental note to examine the SD card in your security system first thing in the morning.
  2. Check your PLDT Home Fam Cam right away.
  3. Get up from bed and check all the rooms.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, you find the temperature is too chilly. What do you do?


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  1. Climb out of bed and adjust the thermostat. You must remember to do this every night.
  2. Add a couple of blankets to your bedding so that you won’t feel cold. And then check if doors or windows are shut so that the cold can’t get in.
  3. This is a tricky one. You have a smart thermostat that adjusts the temperature based on your preferences.

Your results

Mostly As

If you answered mostly As, your home is not yet a smart home; but don’t worry! With a few upgrades here and there, your home can turn into one!

Mostly Bs

If you answered mostly Bs, your home is almost a smart home. You’re almost there! By replacing some appliances with its smart counterparts, you can transform your home into a full-fledged smart home!

Mostly Cs

If you answered mostly Cs, your home is a smart home. Good for you! With the power of the Internet and your devices, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the kitchen lights or keeping an eye on your home while you’re away. Your smart devices can do this for you!

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Excel V. Dyquiangco

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