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ChatGPT vs. Bard: What You Need To Know About These Trending AI Chatbots

Feb 17, 2023 by JR Carag

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Towards the tail-end of 2022, ChatGPT, a new AI-based platform, swept the tech world by storm. Microsoft immediately jumped on the trend and made a multibillion-dollar investment in ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI. Not long after, Google announced its own entry into the space with Google Bard, which is still under development and unavailable to the public as of this writing. 

The power of cutting-edge AI is now just a few keystrokes away!

This next generation of Chat AI technology didn’t just make waves in the tech world either, as the use of these tools was banned from some schools and corporations; other tools have been developed to counter it, and average users found entertaining and productive ways for this groundbreaking technology.

Before we learn more about these innovative AI chatbots, it should be noted that the AI models accessible to the public are cloud-based versions of the technology, which require an Internet connection for them to function. Therefore, make sure to maximize it to its full potential with a fast and seamless home WiFi connection.


Let’s start with the trendsetter for this tech; what is ChatGPT exactly?

In its own words:

From ChatGPT Official Website

That text was generated by ChatGPT itself. Did it actually help explain what it does? To the tech-savvy, maybe. To those of us who aren’t as understanding of highly technical terms, ChatGPT can generate a simpler explanation too:


From ChatGPT Official Website

Hmmm. Perhaps you can simplify it further, ChatGPT.


From ChatGPT Official Website

Without relying on the AI to explain itself, ChatGPT, at its core, is an AI chatbot that generates text-based responses to user-generated queries or instructions. If you’ve ever experienced chatting with a customer service chatbot–or even Simsimi!–it's similar to that, but it isn’t limited to a set menu of inputs it can answer.

As you saw from the interactions above, ChatGPT’s responses depend on how you phrase your questions or instructions. What separates it from other AI chatbots is its somewhat limitless range of topics and situations it can respond to. It all just depends on how you phrase what you want it to do.

Will Google Bard be the same as ChatGPT?

Bard is powered by Google’s own developed AI—LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), and only a demo of its functionality was made available at the time of this writing; but from what was presented, it does have similar capabilities to that of ChatGPT.

What’s really interesting about this news is that once made public, Google Bard will be much more accessible to the wider populace as it's planned to be integrated directly into Google’s search engine, the indisputable most used search engine worldwide.

From Google’s Official Blog

More than that, Bard’s possible integration into other Google devices like the Google Nest smart assistant may be in its future, which could be the first step to the next generation of ‘smarter’ Smart Assistants for our Smart Homes.


Responsible use of AI Chatbots

As you can estimate from the example responses from both ChatGPT and Bard above, this technology is easily adaptable for school use or professional work. Whether instructing it to write an essay regarding a certain topic or using it for a detailed step-by-step plan for a report, these Chat AI tools can produce a passable response depending on the prompt you give it.

However, to solely rely on its response as your answer is an irresponsible use of the technology. Copying and pasting its response and claiming it as yours is akin to plagiarism. More than that, you’re not sure of the source ChatGPT used to base its response, so you’re not a hundred percent positive of its accuracy. Finally, the tool itself is not a one-stop shop for knowledge and presenting that knowledge. What it can be, if used correctly, is a great way to have a base for both.


Have a more hands-on experience and try these for yourself!

Now that you know what AI chatbots can do and how to use them responsibly, try it out and have fun! Don’t forget to have a fast and reliable Internet connection for a better ChatGPT experience. Subscribe to PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus plans to enjoy speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and start chatting away!


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