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  1. This promo is open to new PLDT Home Fibr and Asenso Fibr Plan subscribers with accounts posted within the promo period. Applications submitted within the promo period and successfully installed and activated within forty-five (45) days from the end of the promo period shall qualify for this promo. Only PayMaya users with upgraded accounts shall be qualified to receive the cashback.
  2. PLDT Home Fibr and Asenso Fibr Plan subscribers may be new or existing PayMaya users as long as their account is upgraded.
  3. Three (3) days from the activation of the PLDT Home account and/or plan, the subscriber will receive a short message service (“SMS”) from PLDT Home with a unique PayMaya voucher code, activation instructions, and a deeplink uniform resource locator (“URL”) leading to the PayMaya application (“PayMaya app”) (if with PayMaya app) or leading to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) (if without an app)
  4. To qualify for the promo, the user must do the following within the promo period:
    1. Activate the PayMaya voucher code received via SMS (click the deeplink URL) on the PayMaya app Missions page;
    2. Upgrade PayMaya account by completing the verification process; and
    3. Pay in full amount his/her first-ever PLDT Home bill using the PayMaya app.
  5. Qualified subscribers will instantly get a P200 cashback when they have activated the unique code, verified their account, and paid in full amount their first-ever PLDT Home bill.
  6. The promo applies to the user’s first-ever PLDT Home bill payment only. Succeeding transactions will no longer qualify.
  7. Promo shall be applicable to the following PLDT Home Fibr and Asenso Fibr Plans:
    Plan Speed Inclusions
    Plan 9999 1000 MBPS 5 Mesh WiFi Units
    Plan 4099 600 MBPS 3 Mesh WiFi Units
    Plan 2999 300 MBPS
    Plan 2399 100 MBPS
    Plan Speed
    Plan 9499 1000 MBPS
    Plan 3799 600 MBPS
    Plan 2699 300 MBPS
    Plan 2099 100 MBPS
    Plan 1699 50 MBPS
    Plan Speed
    Plan 2099 100 MBPS
  8. Customers can avail of the promo in all PLDT Home Sales channels – PLDT Home booths, PLDT Sales & Service Centers, Smart Stores, Authorized Agents/Key Account Partners, Online/
    • To pay for a PLDT Home bill using the PayMaya app, follow these steps:
      1. Open the PayMaya app and log in to your account
      2. Tap “Pay Bills” on the home screen
      3. Select PLDT Home under the Telecoms biller category
      4. Enter the required details (e.g. account number) and the amount to be paid (must be full amount)
      5. Review and confirm your payment details, then click “Pay”
    • To claim the P200 cashback, follow these steps:
      1. Open the PayMaya app and log in to your account
      2. Ensure that your PayMaya account has been upgraded
      3. Complete the Missions tasks (pay in full amount your first-ever PLDT Home bill)
      4. User receives SMS notification from ‘PayMayaDEAL’ informing about the P200 cashback for the campaign.
      5. The P200 cashback is credited to your PayMaya wallet balance and reflected on the Activity List.

The P200 cashback will be automatically credited to the customer’s PayMaya account upon payment of his/her first-ever PLDT monthly service fee using the PayMaya app. The customer may check his/her PayMaya wallet upon completing his/her PLDT MSF transaction.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To earn the P200 PayMaya cashback, the customer must activate the PayMaya voucher code received via SMS on the PayMaya app Missions page and pay his/her first-ever PLDT monthly service fee using the PayMaya app In full amount.
  2. The customer’s PayMaya account must be upgraded.
  3. The P200 PayMaya cashback may only be received via the PayMaya app
  4. The P200 PayMaya cashback reward is not replaceable by any other prize.
  5. PLDT reserves the right to refuse the awarding of prizes to participants that are proven to be invalid or fraudulent.
  6. For all complaints and queries regarding the promotion, you may contact customer support by:

To learn about the data privacy notice about this promo, please click here.