Home Postpaid Wifi
Customer Terms

By using the PLDT Home Postpaid WiFi Service (the “Service”) of PLDT Inc. (“PLDT”, “we” or “us”), you, as the “Customer”, hereby agree to the following:

  1. The Service
    1. The Service is a fixed wireless broadband service and is intended only for PLDT’s services. You cannot use it for or with the services of other service providers. It is designed to function properly if you have the following:
      1.  Home WiFi Postpaid modem (“Modem”);
      2.  Home WiFi Postpaid SIM powered by Smart Bro (“SIM”), which will have a corresponding Home WiFi Number (“Number”); and
      3.  Data allocation of the Home Postpaid WiFi, which is refreshed monthly depending on the billing cycle of the registered location (“Monthly Data Allocation”).
    2.  You may avail the Service for a Monthly Service Fee (“MSF”) based on the Home Postpaid WiFi plan subscribed.
    3.  The Modem, SIM and Monthly Data Allocation are neither refundable nor redeemable for cash, whether in part or in full.
    4.  The Service has a contract term/lock-in period of twenty-four (24) months.
    5.  The use of this Service should be within the registered address of your PLDT account, which you have provided during your application.
    6.  The SIM can only be used for the Modem it is bundled with. Please do not remove the SIM to avoid issues with your Modem and sim warranty, connection, and/or promo subscriptions.
    7.  The Modem is locked with the bundled SIM. The Modem may not be used if a different SIM is inserted.
    8.  The SIM provides data service only. Thus, making or receiving calls and sending of text messages are disabled.
    9.  You shall receive service notifications from us (e.g., usage, loading, etc.) through incoming Short Message Service (“SMS”), which can be accessed through the Modem’s dashboard.
  2. Usage Monitoring
    1.  You can monitor your internet usage through logging in on your PLDT myHome account via pldthome.com. Account registration is required.
    2.  The plan has a corresponding monthly data allocation. Once the said allocation is used up, you will no longer have access to the Internet and must purchase data allowance via your registered myHome account to regain access.
  3. Pre Termination
    1.  A pre-termination fee equivalent to three times (3x) the MSF of the current subscribed Home Postpaid WiFi Plan, plus the remaining cost of the gadget, if any, shall apply to a downgrade or pre-termination of current Postpaid WiFi plan within the Lock-In Period.
  4. Disconnection
    1.  The Service shall be permanently disconnected if no payment has been made on time or subject to credit treatment timeline.
    2.  PLDT does not allow reconnection if your Service was permanently disconnected. Please make sure to pay your MSF on time.
    3.  Your Number associated with the disconnected Service cannot be reacquired.
    4.  Your assigned Number will be useable for as long as your Service is active and cannot be changed at any time.
  5. After-Sales
    1.  The Modem and SIM are non-refundable and non-replaceable in case of loss, theft, or damage due to misuse, mishandling, negligence, or willful misconduct on your part.
    2.  However, if the Modem and/or SIM are found to have inherent defects, you may request for replacement at any PLDT Sales and Service Center (“SSC”). Our representatives will thoroughly investigate and validate your request for replacement upon presentation of necessary documents.
      1.  If your Modem is found to be defective within the lock in period, please call 171 or go to any of the following SSC branches for device repair or replacement.
      2.  If your Modem is found to be defective after the seven (7) day replacement warranty period, please go to any of the following for device repair:
  6. Use of the Service

    We require that you comply with the current bandwidth, data storage, and other limitations of the Service by ensuring that your activities do not improperly restrict, inhibit, or degrade our services nor represent an unusually large burden on the PLDT network.

    The Service we have provided you is designed for your exclusive and personal use only. We require that you do not run a server on your home network, connect more than the agreed number of terminals, or provide network services to others via this Service.

    We support and promote good citizenship within the internet community and will respond appropriately in the event that we become aware of any inappropriate use of our Service. We have the right to monitor bandwidth, usage and from time to time operate the Service to identify violations of the Acceptable Use Policy or any inappropriate use of our Service and/or to protect the PLDT network and other customers in our network.

    If our Services are used in a way which would be considered inappropriate such as the use of the Service for any activity that is contrary to laws, morals, customs or public policy or which violates any ordinance, decree, order, or regulation, or affects, interferes with or disrupts the use of the Service by other parties or the manner by which PLDT provides the Service or any other services shall be considered as inappropriate use of the Service, we will take action as we deem necessary, including but not limited to the temporary or permanent removal of content, cancellation of newsgroup posts, filtering of internet transactions, and the immediate suspension or termination of all or any of the PLDT data services, without incurring any liability or damages, subject to all applicable laws and/or pursuant to or consistent with orders, regulations or issuances by a competent authority.

    You also agree not to resell or to make any commercial use of the Service, without the prior written consent of PLDT. Our Services must not be utilized in bypassing or in activity/ies that tend to bypass the Public Subscriber Telephone Network (“PSTN”) of PLDT or be used in prohibited service like callback, dial back, unauthorized audio text, International and National Simple Resale (“ISR/NSR”) and other similar services (the “Unauthorized Activities”). You also agree not to use our Services for any activity that is contrary to morals and public policy or which violates any ordinance, law, decree, order, regulation, or treaty.

    Likewise, you may not use the Service other than for residential and household purposes. PLDT will not be responsible for any loss of revenues or financial profit arising from your commercial use of the Service.

  7. Data Privacy

    We collect, use, and disclose personal information as set in our Privacy Policy at www.pldthome.com/privacypolicy

  8. Other Matters

    These Customer Terms shall be in effect from the date of your availment of the PLDT Home Postpaid WiFi Service.

    We will update our Customer Terms as needed and commit to give you thirty (30) days prior notice, through whatever means, or by posting our updated Customer Terms on our website.

    Your continued use and enjoyment of our Services shall mean that you have expressly agreed to strictly comply with these Customer Terms and any amendments thereof.

    In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction declares any portion of the Customer Terms to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining portions will be in full force and effect.