Refer a friend and enjoy discounts together!

Get as much as P4999 off from your 1 month bill!



Send this link to your referee

Form should be filled by referee

Personal Information

0919 xxx xxxx
Format is "02", then "8", then your friend’s PLDT Landline Number. Example: 0282984017


Unit/House Number, Street Name, Village/Subdivision
Example: Quezon City
4-5 Digit Zip Code for your address
Valid Government ID
File number limit: 1 Single file Size limit: 100MB Allowed file types: JPG, PNG Please visit for the list of accepted IDs.

Kindly review your entry if you have successfully inputted accurate and complete information.



  1. Promo is applicable to ALL EXISTING subscribers of any plan with referred customers from Plans 799 – Plan 9999 from March 1 – July 31, 2024. To avail of the offer, Referee’s account must be successfully installed and activated.
  2. Promo
    • Refer a subscriber to PLDT Home and get as much as P4,999.50 discount on the referee and referrer’s 1-month monthly service fee (MSF) depending on the acquired PLDT Home plan of the referee. Referee and referrer get the 50% off of their monthly service fee (MSF) on their next bill (referee – 1st bill; referrer – next bill).
  3. Discovery
    • Customers will learn about the referral promo through SMS, eDM and Targeted Social Media Ad.
      • Once SMS/EDM is received or targeted through social media – existing subscriber must share their landline number as the referral code and either:
        1. Forward the SMS/eDM/Link
        2. Ask the referee to visit
  4. New customers (Referee) shall apply for a new PLDT Home postpaid broadband service only through the PLDT Home referral website and shall encode the landline number of their Referrer as the Referral Code.
    • The Referrer’s Referral code will be their current PLDT Landline number with format, AREA CODE + 8 + 7-DIGIT LANDLINE NUMBER (ex. 0282981234).
  5. Referee will be notified via Phone Call, SMS and EDM for the developments of their PLDT Home Fiber Application.
  6. After successful installation of the customers' service, the Referee shall automatically be credited with their 50% discount from their 1st bill.
  7. Existing Subscriber (Referrer) will automatically receive their referral reward (50% off 1 full MSF of their Referee’s plan) upon full payment of their Referee’s 1st bill for as both of their accounts remain active.

Terms and Conditions

By using and sharing your PLDT Home Referral Code to a new subscriber (the “Referee”), you as the Subscriber (the “Referrer”) of PLDT Inc. (“PLDT” or “we”), hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this Referral Program (the “Promo”):

  1. All applications are subject to the standard PLDT credit policy and availability of facilities in the area.
  2. Referral Promo
    • The Referrer will be receiving a 50% off rebate from one (1) MSF of their Referee’s plan (one-time only per referral) automatically deducted from their next bill.

      *EX: If your successful Referee applied to Plan 4099, you would get 2,049.50 one- time rebate.
    • The Referee will also get a 50% off discount on their 1st MSF automatically deducted from their first bill.

      NOTE: The Referee will still be eligible to apply for another promo upon application (e.g., Switcher Promo, Fiber Sale, VAS Bundles, etc.)
  3. Application
    • The Referrer will share his/her landline number to his/her Referee to be used as “Referral Code” to avail the promo.
    • The Referee goes to the provided PLDT Home application link – fills up application form, enters the referral code and submits the application.
    • The Referrer will not in any circumstances perform any of the following:
      1. Ask the Referee to accomplish or sign any document other than providing the application link.
      2. Collect any documentary requirements from the Referee.
      3. Process the PLDT new connect application on behalf of the Referee.
      1. Customer Application Form (CAF)
      2. Subscription Certificate (SubsCert)
      3. Proof of Identity (POID)
    • LOCK-IN
      1. All new applications to PLDT Home Fiber will be subject to the regular lock-in period of 36 months (unless applied for a no lock-up plan)
      1. Disconnection of the service before the lock-in period expires will require a pre-termination fee worth 3 month of his/her monthly service fees (except for the “no lock-in” options wherein subscribers shall pay initial fees)
      2. If the Referee disconnects their service while the Referrer is still receiving discounts from the referral, any remaining discount will no longer be credited.
  4. Crediting of Rewards
    1. Referee (new subscriber)
      1. The referee’s account should be a new application for Fiber. Upgrade requests are not covered in this program.
      2. The Referee’s address should not be under the same address and name as the Referrer’s existing account.
      3. The Referee’s account should reflect the referrer’s code, for reference.
      4. Discount shall be credited on the 1st bill.
    2. Referrer (existing subscriber)
      1. To redeem the reward, the Referee’s account must be successfully installed and activated.
      2. The 50% discount will only be credited to the Referrer’s account upon the 1st bill run of the Referee’s account and on the condition that the Referee’s 1st bill is fully paid.
      3. Any excess of discount in the 1-mo MSF of the Referrer shall be carried over to the next bill.
    3. Refer to the discount matrix here
    4. In case of disconnection from the Referrer/Referee
      1. If the Referrer disconnects their Fiber service, any pending reward will be forfeited but reward for the Referee shall continue to be credited.
      2. If the Referee disconnects their Fiber service, any pending reward on the Referrer’s account will be forfeited.
    5. The rewards are non-transferable nor convertible to other products.
  5. Usage
    1. There will be no cap limit on the number of people that can be successfully referred by each Referrer. Subscribers can have multiple referrals per month.
    2. Any excess of discount in the 1-month MSF of the Referrer shall be carried over to the next bill.

    3. *Sample Scenario: Referrer with Plan 1299 referred a customer to Plan 4099 (2,049.50 discount). The Referrer shall be credited a total amount of -P2,049.50 on their bill, showing the remaining discount to be carried over again to the succeeding bills.

    4. The Referral Code will remain active if the Referrer’s account is temporarily deactivated.
    5. If Referrer’s account gets Permanent Disconnected (PD), referral code shall be deactivated.
      1. Subscribers Referral Code shall be reactivated as soon as subscribers reconnect their service if their old PLDT account number is retained.
    6. ALL subscribers who applied for any PLDT Home Fiber Plan during the promo period and gets successfully installed will enjoy the promo discount.
  6. Aftersales
    1. The Referrer will not be allowed to process any Aftersales transactions on behalf of the Referee. Customer will be directed to a PLDT Store or 171 hotline for aftersales inquiries / concerns.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-186626, Series of 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Referral Program?

This program aims to encourage existing PLDT Home (postpaid) broadband subscribers to refer their friends/family to PLDT Home. If the existing subscriber successfully gets a referral (installed and activated) – they will be rewarded with bill credit adjustment of as much as P4,999.00, depending on their referee’s PLDT Home Plan.
Existing customers (referred to as REFERRER) can get their friends or family (new customer, referred to as REFEREE) a 50% off discount from their one (1) month’s bill, and they (REFERRER) will also get the same amount of discount credited - straight to their bill too. The discount that the REFERRER will get will be based on the Plan availed by their REFEREEs. 

How do I qualify for the Referral Program?

You must be an existing PLDT Home subscriber (of any plan) and you should be able to receive an EDM/SMS promotion of the Referral Program.
To avail of the offer, Referee’s account must be successfully installed and activated.

I am a REFERRER. When will I receive my reward?

You will be credited 50% of 1 full monthly service fee (MSF) of your referral’s availed plan.

I am a REFEREE. When will I receive my reward?

Your reward shall automatically be reflected on your 1st month’s bill shown under Current Charges >> One-time Fees/Credits. (The reward will be manually credited via credit adjusted off the 1st bill run by the PLDT agent assigned to process their application and referral discount)
*See below a sample of bill crediting on the 1st bill

I am a REFERRER, up to how many referrals can I make?

There is no limit to the number of referrals.

I am a REFERRER with multiple successful referrals, can all my referral rewards be stacked onto 1 month’s bill?

Scenario: REFERRER is subscribed to Plan 1699, REFEREE #1 availed Plan 4099, REFEREE #2 availed Plan 1299

I am a REFERRER. Will my account be relocked-in or re-contracted by referring a new customer?

No. There will be no refresh lock-in or any additional charges to your bill.

I am a REFERRER with x number of referrals, and one of my referees got disconnected. Will I still get my other discounts/referrals?

Yes, you will still receive your other referral discounts.

I am a REFEREE. Will my new account have a lock-in period?

Yes. As if applying a regular plan, your plan follows the standard contract period of 36 months

I am a REFEREE. Can I avail of other promos on top of this one?

Yes. You can apply with a Referral promo and a home broadband sale promo (depending on the available promos during application).

I am an existing PLDT Landline only customer, can I refer or avail of this promo?

No. This promo is exclusive to broadband (with data) customers only.

I am an existing PLDT broadband customer, can I refer or avail of this promo under my name to be installed in the new address?

No, the promo is only applicable to totally new PLDT customers.

The services are already installed, can I request to change the referral code?

No, the promo is not transferrable. 

I am a REFERRER - how do I track my referral’s application?

Your referee’s application number (SR#) can serve as your tracking number for any concerns especially follow-ups. To avoid re-application please get a hold of your referee’s application number for your reference.

I did not receive an SMS or EDM about the referral promo, where else can I find the referral application form?

You may directly visit or you can go to and look for the referral promo under the “promos” tab.

I am a REFERRER. What is my referral code?

Your referral code is your LANDLINE number with the format AREA CODE + 8 + 7-DIGIT LANDLINE NUMBER (ex. 0282981234).

I am a REFERRER. How do I share the promo to my family/friend?

You may forward the link provided in the SMS/EDM/Social Ad or you may ask your referee to visit and have them fill out the form.