SIM Registration


What is the SIM Registration Law?

Republic Act 11934 or the “SIM Registration Act” mandates all subscribers of SIM-based services, both new and existing, to register their SIM cards with their current telco provider.

Why do I need to register my SIM?

The SIM Registration Act aims to protect all users from any SIM, internet or electronic communication-aided crimes such as, but not limited to terrorism, scams, unsolicited, indecent or obscene messages, bank fraud, libel, anonymous online defamation, trolling, hate speech and spread of digital disinformation or fake news.

Who should register their SIM?

All subscribers of PLDT SIM-based services must register their SIM cards:

  1. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid and Postpaid
  2. All PLDT Call All Variants
  3. PLDT Home WiFi Postpaid


How do I register my SIM?

PLDT Home subscribers may register their SIM through the Smart SIM Registration Portal: Prepaid Subscribers will be asked to enter all the required SIM Registration information.

What details will be asked of me to register my prepaid SIM?

  1. Mobile or Landline Number (depending on subscribed service) and Serial Number (Serial Number to be provided by PLDT)
  2. Full Name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Complete Address
  5. Sex
  6. Upload a valid government-issued ID

A liveness check or selfie photo will be required for validation.

Providing false or fictitious information, using fictitious identities or fraudulent identification documents to register a SIM, carries with it a penalty of imprisonment, fine, or both, pursuant to RA No. 11934.

** NOTE: After submitting all the requirements, you will need to accept the attestation statement. You may also choose to provide your optional consent to receive marketing and promotions.

What are the acceptable Valid Gov’t IDs?

Under the law, acceptable valid IDs or any similar form of document with photo that will verify the identity of the end-users include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Passport;
  2. Philippine Identification;
  3. Social Security System ID;
  4. Government Service Insurance System E-Card;
  5. Driver’s License;
  6. National Bureau of Investigation Clearance;
  7. Police Clearance;
  8. Firearms’ License to Own and Posses ID;
  9. Professional Regulation Commission ID;
  10. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID;
  11. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID;
  12. Bureau of Internal Revenue ID;
  13. Voter’s ID;
  14. Senior Citizen’s Card;
  15. Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card;
  16. Person with Disabilities Card; or

Is there a processing fee when I register my SIM?

SIM Registration is free of charge for all affected subscribers.

Are minors (individuals below 18 years of age) allowed to purchase and register a SIM card?

Yes, minors are allowed to purchase a SIM. However, minors are not allowed to register said SIM under their name. The SIM will have to be registered under the name of the minor’s parent or guardian.

What happens if I am unable to register my SIM within the deadline prescribed by law?

Your SIM will be deactivated if you are unable to register it before the deadline prescribed by law.

What will happen to my load or subscribed plan if my SIM gets deactivated because of failure to register the SIM?

Once the SIM gets deactivated, all remaining balances and subscribed plans will be forfeited.

Can I still reactivate my SIM, which was deactivated for failing to register within the deadline prescribed by law?

Yes, you can still reactivate your SIM by registering it, not later than 5 days after such deactivation.

What happens if I am unable to register after the 5-day window?

You will no longer be able to re-apply for a new PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid subscription as this service is no longer being offered by PLDT.

FOR PLDT POSTPAID SUBSCRIBERS (PLDT Landline Plus Postpaid, Call All and Home WiFi Postpaid)

How do I register my SIM?

As a postpaid subscriber, you are considered registered. Your personal information such as your full name, birthdate, sex, address, and proof of identification, which you have provided upon application to PLDT, will be used for your SIM Registration.

In case your PLDT records do not have all the SIM Registration required information, we will reach out to you via SMS to inform you on how you can provide the needed information and/or documents so that you can complete your SIM registration.

For PLDT Home WiFi Postpaid customers, you may check the device dashboard to view the sms at while connected to your Home WiFi

If my SIM is already registered, how come I have not gotten my Control Number yet?

Your Control Number will be released to you via SMS. Rest assured that even if this has not been sent to you, you are still considered registered, and your SIM and service are not in danger of being deactivated.

Can I request for my SIM to be excluded from the SIM Registration database?

Yes, you may request to exclude your SIM the SIM Registration database ANYTIME. But please note that if you do this, your SIM and service will be deactivated after the SIM Registration Period on July 25, 2023. Any outstanding balance and pre-termination fee (if applicable) will be in effect for collection if you opt out.

How can I request for the exclusion of my SIM from the SIM Registration database?

You may call 171, go to any PLDT store or visit our Social Media accounts to submit your request.


I tried entering my PLDT Landline Plus/Call All/Home WiFi number through the portal but I got an error message that it’s invalid. What do I do?

There are several reasons why your number is being flagged as invalid:

  1. For Prepaid subscribers, it’s possible that your SIM has already been registered. You may call 171 to confirm your SIM Registration status.
  2. For Postpaid subscribers, only those with incomplete SIM Registration information in their PLDT records will be asked to go through the portal. If you did not receive an SMS with the portal URL, it means that your PLDT records are complete and your SIM is already registered. If you received an SMS with the portal URL but are still unable to go through the portal, please call 171.


How does PLDT ensure that my information is secure?

PLDT complies with Republic Act 10173 or the “Data Privacy Act” when processing the Personal Data you submit to register your SIM Card. Rest assured, PLDT has implemented the appropriate technical, organizational, and physical security measures to ensure the protection of your Personal Data and your privacy rights.

For more information about how your Personal Data will be protected and processed in line with your SIM Registration, please read the SIM Registration Privacy Notice here.

Is it safe to upload my ID and selfie photos for my Prepaid SIM Registration?

Yes. It is safe to upload your ID and selfie. The company complies with the Data Privacy Act and has implemented the appropriate technical, organizational, and physical security measures for the protection of your Personal Data, including your ID and selfie photos, from unauthorized and/or fraudulent access, alteration, disclosure, misuse, and other unlawful activities. Your Personal Data is also protected from other natural and human dangers. We require all our Service Providers to implement the same level of security measures.

What is Optical Character Reader (OCR) used for my Prepaid SIM Registration?

Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text, from a scanned document.  We use this to capture the text from the document IDs that are submitted or uploaded into the SIM Registration portal.

Where can I inquire in case I have further questions or concerns on the registration of my SIM?

You may reach us through the PLDT Hotline 171 or PLDT’s Social Media Accounts.

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