WiFi Mesh System

What is Deco Mesh system?

It uses a Wifi 5 technology is a system that delivers a strong wifi signal to cover your entire home. It uses a system of units to achieve seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage eliminating weak signal areas at home. It also automatically choses the frequency band so you’ll get the fastest possible speed.

What is the ideal Mesh WiFi set-up for your home?

The Whole Home WiFi System is designed for any kind of home. May it be bungalows, Two-storey or even Three-storey. You may check out the guide here to know the ideal Mesh Wifi set up for your home.

What is a parental control?

It lets you manage your children’s internet access to protect them from mature content inappropriate for their age.

How can I use the parental control?

You can simply configure it through the TP Link Deco App

What is the lock in period if I get a TP-Link Add On?

The lock-in period for the TP-Link Add On is 24 months.

What is the warranty period if I avail?

The warranty period is 12 months.

How much do I have to pay if I don’t want to have a lock-in?

For TP Deco Link M4, P2,500 one-time cash payment per piece shall be paid in PLDT stores or billed above.

For TP Deco Link M5, P3,500 one-time cash payment per piece shall be paid in PLDT stores or billed above.

Up to how many pucks can I avail?

The PLDT agent will inform you with the maximum number of Deco Mesh pucks that you can avail.

How can I avail of TP-Link Add On?

Directly apply at pldthome.com/wholehomesystem and have it delivered to your home.

Visit any PLDT Sales and Service Center (subject for availability of stocks per store) Call Hotline 171

Can I buy just the TP-Link Mesh puck without an internet service?

You can only get the TP Link Add-on with a PLDT broadband service. This is only available for PLDT existing customers.

What if I only want 1 Wifi Mesh?

Minimum of 2 deco mesh wifi should be purchased by subcribers with unli Fibr plans. For Fibr Plus plan subscribers, they can avail minimum of 1 puck.

What if I have an existing Wifi Mesh from outside with the same model?

You can pair this add on if you have an existing TP Link Deco Wifi Mesh models since they share the same brand but we strongly advice that the main router should be the same model with the extension.

If I encounter an issue, how can I report it?

You may reach out to our 171 Hotline or bring the devices to our PLDT stores

There's an error code saying, "we couldn't find deco"

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your Home WiFi Mesh System:

  1. . Disable and re-enable Bluetooth on the mobile phone.
  2. Force to close the Deco app (do not let it run in the background), and then launch it again.
  3. Use another Deco unit as the main Deco; use a different phone if possible.

My Deco failed to connect to the internet.

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your Home WiFi Mesh System:

  1. Connect a computer to your modem and check internet status. If computer has no internet connection, proceed with troubleshooting no internet connection.
  2. If computer has internet access, unplug computer and plug Deco to the same Ethernet port on the modem, then set up again.
  3. Use another Deco unit as the main Deco and connect it to the modem, repeat step 2. If problem persists, connect main Deco to modem, then configure Deco again. Once setup is finished, try connecting to the internet.

There’s something wrong with my additional Deco units.

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your Home WiFi Mesh System:

  1. Find a closer location. Long distance or obstacles between Deco units might result in weak and unstable communication. Try relocating the additional Deco unit closer to the primary one.
  2. Restart your Deco unit. Try unplugging the power cable of the Deco unit and then plugging it again after a moment.
  3. f you have a Deco Plus, try plugging it into another wall outlet.
  4. Delete and add again. Removing the Deco unit from your Deco network and then adding back again may resolve the issue.

How to setup TP Link Mesh?

TP Link Deco app will guide you how to do it step by step since it has a wizard capability which tells you what to click next.

For more detailed step by step guide, click here

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