Each Deco has an LED that changes color according to its status, two RJ-45 Ethernet ports, a power slot, and a Rest button. See explanation below:


Yellow Pulse
Deco is resetting.

Yellow Solid
Deco is starting up


Blue Pulse
Deco is ready for setup

Blue Solid
Deco is setting up


White Pulse
Deco is upgrading firmware

White Solid
Deco is registered and all is well.


Red Pulse
Deco is disconnected from main Deco

Red Solid
Deco has an issue


Ethernet Ports
For connecting deco to your modem, the Ethernet outlet or other internet devices.


Power Slots
For connecting Deco to the power socket via the provided power adaptor


Reset Button
Press to reset Deco to factory default settings


Deco M4 – Setup Guide

Login to the Deco App and click let’s begin

Select the model of the Deco being configured and the app will provide additional information

Plug the LAN cable from the Modem to the Deco. Once the Deco is pulsing blue, begin configuration by selecting "Deco's LED is pulsing blue"

Be sure to enable location settings and Wi-Fi.
**Deco App automatically connects the device and the Deco via Wi-Fi.

Select location for Deco

Configure SSID and Password

After configuration, you may add another Deco by selecting "Add another Deco"