Deco M4 Troubleshooting

“Deco Disconnected”

A red exclamation mark indicates that one or more Deco Nodes are having connection problems. **Click the icon to display the information.


  1. Check placement of actual unit if within coverage of previous Deco Nodes

  2. Check LAN connectivity (Main Deco)

  3. Check Wi-Fi receive/transmit of Deco Node using apps (e.g. WiFi Analyzer/ Wifiman)

“We couldn’t find Deco”

Either multiple Decos are found, Deco Wi-Fi network cannot be seen by the app, or Deco is not powered on.


  1. Power on the Deco and pair once LED pulses Blue.

  2. Check LAN connectivity (Main Deco)

  3. Connect manually to the Deco SSID found at the bottom of each Deco M4 unit to pair directly before configuration.

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Power outlet

  2. Power adapter

  3. Deco unit

(Deco app prompts "check internet connection")

  1. Check Wi-Fi connection or data connection of the mobile device with the Deco App.

  2. Check LAN cable connection.

Cannot find Deco

Deco M5

  1. Check your mobile device Bluetooth connection or check distance from the Deco being paired

  2. Check Deco app firmware version

  3. Check LAN connectivity

  4. Verify hardware (swap units)

**Option: Connect directly to the Deco Network indicated at the bottom of each Deco M4 Node for easy pairing.