Unlock new ways to work, learn new skills, cook and bond with loved ones.
Enjoy wider reach of wifi in every room with the Whole Home Wifi System.


    Whole Home Coverage

    No more searching around of a stable connection. Our whole home WiFi systems will blanket your entire home with strong steady connections, bringing your WiFi dead spots to life.

  • Easy Setup

    Our mesh devices come with free mobile apps with on-screen directions making it easy for you to set up your new mesh system in minutes.


    Seamless Roaming

    Automatically connect to the fastest Mesh device in less than a second as you move through your home creating a seamless online experience.

  • Easy Management

    Manage and monitor your WiFi at home or away in the mobile app.

  • Guest Wifi

    No need to give your main network name and password to your home visitors. Create a guest WiFi set up to separate and secure your home network, while preserving your bandwidth.

  • Parental Controls

    Simple, intuitive parental controls make it easy for you to keep your children safe while they’re online.

Enjoy seamless coverage with no dead spots.

With the latest mesh technology or Whole Home WiFi system, you can experience consistently fast Internet speeds throughout your home.

Easy Setup

Guest WiFi

Seamless Roaming


Whole Home Coverage


Check out this guide to know the ideal Mesh
Wifi set up for your home.

Large Bungalows and
Two-Storey hHmes

70 to 150 sqm
2 Wifi Points

two storey

Townhouse, Three-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
3 Wifi Points

three storey

Large Multi-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
>3 Wifi Points

multi storey

Say good bye to dead spots!

Experience Fibr in every room, on every device.

  • Wifi Mesh TP Link Deco M4


    P298/mo (2 pcs)

    Mesh Starter

    P149/mo (1 pc)

    Mesh Add On

    Lock in Period 24 mos.
    Option for one time payment of P2,500 per pc.

  • Wifi Mesh TP Link Deco M5


    P498/mo (2 pcs)

    Mesh Starter

    P249/mo (1 pc)

    Mesh Add On

    Lock in Period 24 mos.
    Option for one time payment of P3,500 per pc.

Different models will also be available in other selling channels.

tp link deco app desktop tp link deco app mobile 

Download the TP Link Deco App

Manage your home connection whenever, wherever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deco Mesh system?

It uses a Wifi 5 technology that delivers a strong wifi signal to cover your entire home. It is a system of units to achieve seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage eliminating weak signal areas at home.

What is the lock in period if I get a TP-Link Add On?

24 months

What is the warranty period if I avail?

12 months

If I encounter an issue, how can I report it?

You may reach out to our 171 Hotline or bring the devices to our PLDT stores

How much do I have to pay if I don’t want to have a lock-in?

P2,500 one time cash payment per piece shall be paid in PLDT stores or billed above for TP Deco Link M4

P3,500 one time cash payment per piece shall be paid in PLDT stores or billed above for TP Deco Link M5

What is a parental control?

It lets you manage your children’s internet access to protect them from mature content inappropriate for their age

How can I use the parental control?

You can simply configure it through the TP Link Deco App

Up to how many pucks can I avail?

The PLDT agent will inform you with the maximum number of Deco Mesh pucks that you can avail

How can I avail of TP-Link Add On?

  1. Website – you may directly apply at pldthome.com/wholehomesystem and have it delivered to your home.
  2. Stores – available in all PLDT stores nationwide – subject for availability of stocks per store
  3. Hotline – you may call 171 for inquiries


Can I buy just the TP-Link Mesh puck without an internet service?

You can only get the TP Link Add-on with a PLDT broadband service. This is only available for PLDT existing customers.

How to setup TP Link Mesh?

TP Link Deco app will guide you how to do it step by step since it has a wizard capability which tells you what to click next.

Where can I complain in case my TP Link doesn’t work?

You can report to our hotline 171 or in any PLDT Store

What if I have an existing Wifi Mesh from outside with the same model?

You can pair this add on if you have an existing TP Link Deco Wifi Mesh models since they share the same brand but we strongly advice that the main router should be the same model with the extension

What if I only want 1 Wifi Mesh?

Minimum of 2 deco mesh wifi should be purchased by subcribers with unli Fibr plans. For Fibr Plus plan subscribers, they can avail minimum of 1 puck.