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Say goodbye to deadspots!

Apart from seamless coverage, PLDT Home’s WiFi Mesh system also allows you to have full control of your home’s WiFi network.

Easy Setup

Guest WiFi

Seamless Roaming


Whole Home Coverage


Get a PLDT Home WiFi Mesh system
with your Fiber Plan today!

Experience Fiber in every room, on every device.

  • Tenda Nova MW6


    P129/mo P149/mo Locked in 24 mos.

    P99/mo Locked in 36 mos.

    Option for one time payment of P2,500 per pc.

  • TP Link Deco M4


    P129/mo P149/mo Locked in 24 mos.

    P99/mo Locked in 36 mos.

    Option for one time payment of P2,500 per pc.

  • TP Link Deco M5


    P149/mo P249/mo Locked in 24 mos.

    P109/mo Locked in 36 mos.

    Option for one time payment of P3,000 per pc.

Customers without any existing mesh units will need to purchase 2 mesh units on their first transaction, in order to have the needed set up for a mesh network.

Compare available WiFi Mesh devices below to build the right setup that meets your browsing needs.


Upgrade to Fiber Plus to enjoy faster speeds and a WiFi Mesh system included with your plan!


Learn how you can maximize your fiber connection with these tips!

Download the TP Link Deco App

Manage your home connection whenever, wherever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WiFi Mesh System?

The WiFi Mesh system is designed to complement your internet’s existing router, to deliver strong WiFi signal in areas within your home that the said router cannot reach.

Oftentimes, ordinary routers are unable to deliver consistent strong WiFi signal across entire homes especially if the area is more than 70sqms wide, has multiple rooms, thick walls and spans multiple floors.

The WiFi Mesh system eliminates this problem as it uses WiFi 5 technology to deliver strong connectivity in rooms where it's needed. It’s comprised of mesh units that you can distribute among the different rooms of your home to ensure strong WiFi signal in these areas.

What is the ideal Mesh WiFi setup?

Check out this guide to know the ideal Mesh WiFi set up for your home.

Large Bungalows and
Two-Storey Homes

70 to 150 sqm
2 WiFi Points

two storey

Townhouse, Three-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
3 WiFi Points

three storey

Large Multi-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
>3 WiFi Points

multi storey

What’s the difference between Mesh Starter and Mesh Add on?

If you’re availing of a WiFi Mesh System for the first time, you will need to get a Mesh Starter Kit, which comes with 2 mesh units. This is because one of the mesh units needs to be attached to your existing router. While the other unit can be placed in an area/room/floor where you need strong WiFi signal.

A mesh add on is availed only when you already have existing mesh units and you want to expand the WiFi Mesh system in your home by adding more units to more areas/rooms/floors.

What if I only want 1 WiFi Mesh unit?

If you have not availed of any WiFi Mesh units under PLDT, you will be required to purchase a Mesh Starter, which comes with 2 units as you will need both to get your WiFi Mesh system set up.

You may avail of single WiFi Mesh unit add ons if you already have an existing WiFi Mesh system with your PLDT Fiber plan.

How can I avail of a WiFi Mesh System?

There are several ways to get a WiFi Mesh system from PLDT:

  • The easiest way to get mesh units is thru this website. You may apply directly via and with just a few steps, you can purchase mesh units, to be billed on top of your PLDT Statement of Account, subject to your credit rating. Mesh units purchased thru the website will be delivered directly to your home.
  • If you are in the mall or near a PLDT Store, our mesh units are also available for purchase in branches nationwide. Store-purchased mesh will be released over the counter to you, subject ofcourse to the availability of stocks and mesh models per store.
  • If you prefer to speak to our customer care agents, you may also course your request for mesh units through the PLDT Hotline 171 and get your mesh units via delivery.
  • Our mesh units are also available at the official PLDT Home Pages on Lazada and Shopee. If you are a PLDT Home subscriber, we still recommend you get it from PLDT sales channels so that we can link your mesh to your PLDT account and provide you with comprehensive after-sales. Mesh units purchased thru Lazada and Shopee are covered only by a 15-day replacement warranty

Up to how many WiFi Mesh units can I avail?

The PLDT agent who will process your order will inform you on the maximum number of WiFi Mesh units you can avail.

Can I avail of a WiFi Mesh system without a PLDT internet service?

Yes, you may purchase a WiFi Mesh system from PLDT thru the official PLDT Home pages on Lazada and Shopee. A 15-day replacement warranty applies, subject to Lazada and Shopee rules.

However, if you are an existing PLDT Home subscriber, it is still best that you purchase your WiFi Mesh units from PLDT so that you can enjoy the following:

  • Affordable amortized monthly payments of up to 36 months
  • Convenient payment of mesh monthly fee via PLDT bill
  • 12-month replacement warranty c/o PLDT

What if I have an existing WiFi Mesh system purchased outside of PLDT, will it work with PLDT’s WiFi Mesh system?

We are currently offering TP Link M4 and M5 Mesh Systems. If the mesh system that you have is also from TP Link but a different model, these should work with our systems.

However, we highly encourage that you only purchase mesh units that are of the same brand and model as the one attached to your router for a more seamless experience.

What is the lock in period if I get a WiFi Mesh System?

This will depend on the payment option you choose when you purchase a WiFi Mesh system from PLDT as your lock-in will correspond to this.

  • 24 months amortization – 24 months lock-in
  • 36 months amortization – 36 month lock-in

How do I setup my WiFi Mesh System?

Our WiFi Mesh system comes with a mobile app that has a convenient and visual step by step guide that will help you get it set up in minutes!

What is parental control?

The WiFi Mesh System’s parental control features allow you to create multiple user profiles for your home network. Under these profiles, you may assign timed usage, blocked sites and even bandwidth. It’s a convenient tool parents can use to make sure their family is safe and productive online.

Why am I not getting the promised speed of my plan when I connect to my WiFi Mesh system?

There are several factors that may affect the speed you are getting when connected to your WiFi Mesh system. Here are the most common factors and how to address them:

  • The distance of the end-device (e.g., your mobile phone, laptop or tablet)
    Signal loss is a common occurrence when WiFi signal is extended wirelessly. With a WiFi Mesh setup, the WiFi signal will travel from your main WiFi Mesh router to the WiFi Mesh access point and the distance between the two has a direct effect on the speed of your connection. The farther the WiFi Mesh access point is from the WiFi Mesh router, the slower the speeds you will get on your end-device. To minimize effects on speed, it is ideal to place the main modem in the center of your home (vs. tucked away in a corner) as this achieves proper positioning of the mesh access point and minimizes the distance from the mesh router.
  • Interferences that may affect your WiFi Mesh unit's signal
    Physical and wireless interference may affect the signal being broadcasted by your WiFi Mesh system. Be sure to place your WiFi Mesh units in the center of the room at eye-level, away from walls, cabinets and shelves that may block the signal. You must also avoid placing your WiFi Mesh units beside gadgets or appliances that emit wireless signals like microwave ovens, Smart TVs, printers, cordless phones, etc.
  • The specifications of your end-device
    WiFi Mesh systems that are powered by WiFi 5 technology commonly run on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. These frequencies are the highways where WiFi signals are transmitted. The 2.4GHz band allows for long-range transmission of WiFi signals but cannot deliver speeds of more than 100Mbps. Meanwhile, 5GHz offers shorter range but can deliver gigabit speeds. To maximize the capabilities of your WiFi 5 Mesh System, the device you are using to connect to WiFi must also have dual-band support so you can enjoy both range and ultra fast speeds. If your device is single-band, which can be the case for older models, the WiFi speeds you will be able to achieve are limited.
  • Internet usage
    Another factor that may affect the WiFi speed you are enjoying is the number of devices connected to your network at a given time as well as the online activity. Bandwidth is shared by devices that are simultaneously connected to a network thus WiFi speed is affected. Internet speed depends on the type of usage as well. If the concurrent users are all engaged in bandwidth-heavy activities such as HD video streaming, video conferencing, download or upload of large files, this will have a considerable impact on the speed each user is getting.
  • Applications running in the background
    Software, system and app updates also eat up bandwidth and can affect WiFi speeds. We don't notice these activities as they can run automatically, in the background, as we go about our usual online activities. It will help to disable these automatic updates and set these up so that your permission is required for said activities to proceed so that you can be fully aware of the ongoing activities that may impact your speed.

What do I do if my device is unable to connect to my WiFi Mesh?

The first step you need to take is to make sure that the WiFi password you are trying to enter is correct. Check symbols and capitalization as these are common password errors. You may check your WiFi details through your WiFi Mesh system's app:

  • TP Link Deco M4: Go to More Settings > WiFi Router Settings > Check WiFi password
  • Tenda Nova MW6: Go to Settings > Wireless Settings > Check WiFi password

Some WiFi Mesh systems have blacklisting features, which allows users to prevent identified devices from connecting to the network. Make sure your devices is not listed as one of the blacklisted devices. If it is, you may remove it through these steps:

  • TP Link Deco M4: Go to More Settings > Blacklist Router Settings
  • Tenda Nova MW6: Go to Connected Devices > Blacklist Icon

If the mentioned steps did not solve the issue, you may try rebooting the device and check again. If the issue still persists you may try restoring your WiFi Mesh system to its factory settings. Note that once you do this you will need to reconfigure your WiFi Mesh system. Here's how to restore your WiFi Mesh to its factory settings:


The reset button for the TP Link Deco M4 can be found at the bottom center of the unit.

Press on it using a safety pin for 1 second or until the LED indicator light turns yellow.

If the unit's indicator light turns red, you may try pressing on the reset button again, this time, for atleast 5 seconds.

Resetting TP Link Deco M4

The reset button for the Tenda Nova MW6 unit can be found at the bottom, upper right portion of the unit.

Press on it using a safety pin for 6 seconds until the LED light turns blinking green.

Resetting Tenda Nova MW6

What do I do if my Wifi Mesh's SSID cannot be found?

There are several things you can try if you encounter this problem:

  • Try moving your end-device (e.g., your laptop, mobile phone or tablet) to the nearest WiFi Mesh unit. It's possible that your device is out of range, which prevents it from seeing your WiFi Mesh system's SSID. You may also consider repositioning your WiFi Mesh units so that these cover the areas you frequent.
  • You may also try refreshing the WiFi connection of your device. Simply turn off your device's WiFi and turn it back on after a few seconds.
  • TP Link Deco WiFi Mesh systems have the option to hide the WiFi SSID those that can be seen by available devices. Make sure that this feature is disabled for your WiFi Mesh network thru the Deco App. See the steps below on how to do this:
    1. Open the Deco App and login
    2. Go to More > Router Settings (Wi-Fi)
    3. Tap Network Name/Password
    4. Toggle Hide this network from Wi-Fi list button to enable or disable option
    5. Save
    Hiding the Wifi SSID on TP Link Deco WiFi Mesh systems

What do I do in case I encounter a problem with my WiFi Mesh system

You may call our hotline 171 or go to any PLDT Store to get help on any WiFi Mesh system concerns.