Fibr is the future of broadband currently being used by international telephone operators like Verizon (US), BT Infinity (UK), etc. This is the most advanced broadband service in the country that connects to the home via fiber-optic lines.

Traditional broadband services are usually through legacy copper lines, or cable. PLDT Fibr’s use of fiber-optic cables guarantees the fastest and most stable internet connection for you.

What Fibr can do is to allow your entire family to enjoy simultaneous high-speed browsing and high definition downloading without experiencing any speed lags.

Speeds from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps can be achieved with a fiber-optic enabled broadband connection. This means faster download speeds, video streaming and an over-all faster internet connection.

Cable internet uses the same cables you plug-in to your television set for your broadband access. This connection is shared hence the more users there are, the slower the bandwidth.

PLDT's FIBR broadband service uses fiber-optic cables which are capable of higher speeds and is not shared. This means a much faster internet experience for you.

Wireless broadband services using USB dongles and other USB-connected devices use sim-cards and GPRS, 3G, HSPA, HSDPA, 4G or WIMAX technologies to connect to the Internet. These technologies require open space in order to get the maximum signal possible, some even require line-of-sight. While extremely portable, wireless broadband services still utilize different frequencies in use with cellular networks hence the quality of Internet experience is dependent on the strength of the signal, your location, weather conditions, etc. A fast, CONSISTENT connection may never be achieved using a wireless broadband service.

Fibr’s broadband service use fiber-optic cables which are capable of higher speeds. This means much faster & more stable internet connection for you.

The service is for specific areas in specific subdivisions and neighborhoods nationwide. You have to be residing in one of these selected areas in the following subdivisions to be eligible to apply for the service: click here to see area availability