Learn more about PLDT Landline Plus Postpaid

What is a PLDT Landline Plus?

The PLDT Landline Plus service is the instant and portable wireless landline service that allows you to bring and make unlimited landline calling anywhere in your local area.  With this service, you can apply for a telephone line without the hassle of installation or set-up.  This is an alternative basic voice communication in areas with limited or no available cable PLDT fixed facilities.

Who can avail of this service?

Open to all new  residential and business applicants with telephone requirements.

What can I do with my PLDT Landline Plus?

You can enjoy the same call types as a Regular Fixed Landline service – incoming and out-going calls, NDD/IDD, plus SMS! 

What number format will your service have?

The service comes with the usual 7-digit Landline number format.

How much will be the Monthly Service Fee and what do I get?

The Monthly service fee of P600 for residential subscription will allow you to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited landline local calls
  • P1.00/minute PLDT to PLDT NDD
  • Free 120 SMS

What happens if I used up my FREE SMS?

Additional charges will apply – P1.00/message.

Are there any initial fees I have to settle?

Yes. These are the following:

  • Activation fee of P100 – this is bill-above (will be included on your first bill)
  • Advanced 1-month MSF – this is an advanced payment that needs to be paid before the service will be activated. Advanced MSF will be credited to your account and will reflect on your first bill as an advanced payment. 

Can I use the PLDT Landline Plus anywhere there is a PLDT signal?

The service is locked within the local area where you have applied. The service will only function in a pre-defined coverage area e.g. Metro Manila SIM will only work within Metro Manila. For example, you applied for a landline in Metro Manila, you can bring and use your landline anywhere within Metro Manila since this is your local area.

What happens if I bring my unit outside my Local Area?

Although the unit will be able to pick-up a signal, the local calling service will not be available and the user will not be able to make and receive calls. The local calling service will be available as soon as the unit is brought back to the local area where it was activated.  If you have subscribed to a mobile internet service, you can use the internet service anywhere in the Philippines, nationwide.

On which devices can I use my PLDT Landline Plus SIM?

You may use your PLDT Landline Plus SIM in any mobile device – just make sure that it is not locked by other service providers. 

Is there a minimum contract period for the service?

Your contract period is 1 year.

If I encounter any problems in the SIMs and handset given by PLDT can I return this anytime?
No. The PLDT Postpaid SIM is guaranteed ONLY for a period of seven (7) working days from the date of receipt.

  • Returned SIM that exceeds the 7-day warranty period will NOT be honored. If after the 7-day warranty period, the SIM is found to be defective, you will need to purchase a new SIM from any PLDT Sales & Service Center but your telephone number(s) will be retained

How do I apply for the service? 

You can visit any nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center, any PLDT Bilis Kabit Sales Blitz in your area or Call 101-328.

Who do I contact if I encounter any problems in the service or unit included in my plan? 
For after sales-concerns, you can visit any nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center or Call 101-328