What is Home Rewards?

Home Rewards is PLDT Home Rewards System for our customers wherein they will earn points on either their SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige Card, or BDO Rewards Card if they pay their PLDT bill before due date. All they have to do is register their SM/BDO card and link it to their PLDT account number

How do I register?

PLDT Home subscribers can register to PLDT Home Rewards either by visiting the nearest PLDT Sales and Service Center or by visiting the PLDT Rewards website at

What are the details needed in order to register a subscriber?

  • PLDT account number
  • PLDT telephone number
  • SOR’s (Subscriber On Record) name
  • Home address
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • SMAC/Prestige/BDO Rewards Card Number

What if the card holder’s name is different from the name of PLDT subscriber?

A letter of authorization signed by the PLDT subscriber should be accomplished in order to complete the registration

How many PLDT accounts can be registered to an SM Advantage/Prestige/BDO Rewards Card?

Up to 3 PLDT accounts can be registered to a single card. Registering more than 3 PLDT accounts to a card will require a letter of authorization. Only 1 card can be linked to a PLDT account number. You cannot register more than 1 card to a single PLDT account number.

How can I earn points?

Subscribers registered to PLDT Home Rewards will earn 1 point on their registered SM Advantage Card/SM Prestige Card/BDO Rewards Card for every P250 worth of payment on their bill. Subscribers must be able to pay their bills in full and on time without any missed payments in order to earn points.