Basic Landline

PLDT Home Wired Cable Landline 3 Way

The PLDT wired landline is the country’s pioneer and most trusted landline service. Backed by PLDT’s network, with the widest coverage in the country, the PLDT wired landline remains the nation’s reliable service for clear calls and conversations

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Call Waiting

Allows you to receive calls even while talking with another caller

Call Forwarding

Enables you to divert calls from your phone to another regular phone or cellphone

3 Party Conference

Allows you to talk to two parties at the same time in the convenience of one telephone line

Speed Dialing

Allows you to store frequently called telephone numbers in your phone’s memory and dial only 2 digits when contacting these numbers 

Caller ID

Lets you know who's calling even before you pick up the phone

Fees & Charges

Residential Plan
Monthly Service Fee P 700.00*

Outgoing Call Rates
Local Free & Unlimited
NDD P 5.10 / minute
IDD $ 0.40 / minute
Cellular P 14.00 / minute

*GMM rate only. Absolute value may vary monthly depending on foreign currency adjustment.
 Rates are inclusive of 12% VAT and may change without prior notice.

Application Channels

  • Hotline 171
  • PLDT Business Offices
  • PLDT Bilis Kabit Booths
  • PLDT Authorized Dealers and Agents
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