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NBA League Pass Benefits You Can Enjoy Every Day

Jun 23, 2022
By Excel Dyquiangco

3 min read


The 2021-2022 NBA season is still in full swing, with all teams vying for a chance to lift the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy if they’re crowned as 2022 NBA Champions.

It is like superstar-level streaming with a VIP pass made better!

After losing a 2-0 lead to the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs last year, the Phoenix Suns will be looking to prove that their run to the postseason was no fluke. They are presently the favorites to win the NBA title in 2022, according to some sports analysts, with the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets (without Kyrie?), and Golden State Warriors also among other favored teams.

NBA League Pass-1

From NBA Official Website

If you want to see all of the sports side action, subscribe to PLDT Home’s NBA League Pass through your PLDT Home plan and watch the games in the comfort of your own home. It is like superstar-level streaming with a VIP pass made better!

Stream live games, replays, and highlights!

If you missed the game because of a previous engagement, you can access games, live or replay, and highlights anytime in the comfort of your own home! See the Bucks repeat their victory, or maybe the Suns clinch the title this year. You can even watch Stephen Curry make that winning shot—over and over again!

But whatever kind of play you’re into, one thing is for certain: you’re never to miss any of the games ever!

Select classic games.

When you can’t get a particular play out of your head, can’t seem to get enough of LeBron James’ signature layup in the past, or you want to relive the LA Lakers’ winning play last year, then the NBA League Pass has got you covered! Stream all of these classic games anytime, any day. Relive all of these great memories for nostalgia at its finest.

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Custom streams with access to home and away coverage.

If you want to watch two, or maybe three, different plays all at the same time, you can get it with an NBA League Pass! Premium users can even watch the NBA season in Mosaic View, which accommodates up to four different streams at one time. You can access this through the NBA website, or by clicking the four-screen icon at the bottom right-hand corner while watching a game.

Just make sure that you’re quick on the eye, as these plays can be swift and fast. You know you don’t want to miss a thing!

NBA League Pass-3

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With stats and graphics.

If you want to know the games played, the games started, field goals made, attempted and percentage, the NBA League Pass always keeps you updated. Do you want to know how many shots your favorite player fired, or shots he missed? Do you want to know how efficient he is?

Bear in mind that if you’re a true-blue basketball fan, comprehending statistics is very crucial to see if the game has been won fair and square.

Choice of broadcast commentators.

Whether you want Ryan Ruocco’s intense and booming voice or Vince Carter’s melodramatic and soothing comments, you can choose from a wide and varied list of commentators who will let you in on a play-by-play miss or win! This way, you can always be engaged with your favorite team!

Through the fastest and strongest broadband connection of PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus Plans, you can enjoy the games with no interruption and lag time. You can also subscribe with PLDT Home’s NBA League Pass. See you at courtside!


Know the Product Better

NBA League Pass with PLDT Home

  • Access to all NBA Games and teams
  • Watch games live or on-demand
  • Courtside seats anytime, from anywhere at home
  • Eyes on the ball with in-stream stats and graphics
  • Choose your broadcaster


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