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Battle Of The Headsets: Is Wired or Wireless Better for Gaming?

Aug 26, 2022
By Excel V. Dyquiangco

3 min read

AB_Battle Of The Headsets_ Is Wired or Wireless Better for Gaming_

To dominate at games and enjoy the most immersive gaming experience possible, not only do you need a stable and reliable lightning-fast connection from PLDT WiFi 6 but you must also have a dependable headset in your arsenal.

We lay down the pros and cons for you!

Some gamers prefer the comfort and sound quality of tried-and-true corded headphones, while others favor the flexibility and mobility that wireless headphones provide—but the truth remains: both have benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re here for help in deciding what’s best for you, we’ve rounded up the advantages and disadvantages of the two!

Wired Headsets

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The simplicity and affordability of wired headsets make them popular among gamers. In comparison to their wireless counterparts, these headsets are typically less expensive. Although older technology allows wired headsets to be more affordable, the sound quality is on par with or even better than certain wireless sets!

Pros: Sound quality

The superior sound quality of wired headsets is the key factor in their popularity over wireless ones. With little danger of data loss or signal interference, wired headsets take the audio signal straight from the device across the connection while audio data is encoded and wirelessly sent through wireless headphones. Depending on the quality of the headset, this process can cause a reduction in sound quality and an increase in latency.

Pros: Compatibility

Except for some mobile phones, a wide range of devices are compatible with wired headsets as they are fitted with the standard 3.5mm jack that works with most PCs, monitors, tablets, gaming consoles, and other devices. Wired headsets may still be used with mobile phones without this audio port, though, as they can be connected via an adaptor rather than directly to the phone. The drawback is that these adapters are occasionally supplied separately and raise the price of the headset.

Pros: Convenience

The fact that wired headsets work with a majority of gadgets and are simple to operate is one of their advantages. Most of them operate on a straightforward plug-and-play concept without the need for software or driver upgrades.

Cons: Restricted movement

The mobility restrictions imposed by wired headsets are one of their principal drawbacks. Users are physically connected to their gadgets through the cable, which limits movement. The extra cables can be a hassle for gamers whose mouse control relies on fast hand motions.

Cons: Cable damage

A wired headset’s most fragile component is the cord. As it’s prone to damage, sound quality may suffer if the cable is stretched or if the internal wiring is harmed. In the case of headsets without a removable cord, damage to it might spell the end for the device.

Wireless Headsets

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Wireless radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth signals are used by wireless headphones to connect to other devices. Although Bluetooth headsets are sometimes less expensive than wireless signal-based models, they have a smaller operating range, substandard sound quality, and increased potential for sound delay. On the upside, wireless headphones using Bluetooth as a backup connection have the advantage of being compatible with the majority of Bluetooth devices and not requiring a dongle.

Pros: Mobility

The primary benefit of a wireless headset over a wired one is mobility. Users are free to roam about and sit further away from their monitor because there are no cords attached to other devices. Additionally, wireless headphones clear up the workspace and facilitate playing without interference from clutter.

Pros: Sound quality

For a few reasons, modern wireless gaming headphones employ a 2.4GHz connection rather than Bluetooth. Because it has a more consistent signal and faster data transmission rates than Bluetooth, the 2.4GHz wireless frequency offers superior sound quality than Bluetooth headphones. While Bluetooth headphones work well for viewing movies or listening to music, they perform poorly in competitive games where speed and accuracy are crucial.

Cons: Battery and charging

All wireless gadgets, including headsets, have an internal battery that has to be charged. So no matter how long the battery lasts, it will ultimately run out of power. Users run the danger of tossing the match if it dies in the middle of a game since they can’t hear what’s happening. However, a majority of contemporary wireless headsets contain alert lights or sounds when the battery is running low, providing users plenty of time to charge them.

So which one is the right choice for you? High-end wired and wireless gaming headphones don’t differ significantly in terms of sound quality. The three key distinctions are comfort, cost, and usefulness, so you must choose a headset that best balances your demands and your budget!


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