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Gaming Techtionary: Terms and Lingoes for Beginners

Nov 04, 2022 by Louigi Balao

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AB_Gaming Techtionary Terms and Lingoes for Beginners

Communication is key when playing video games, especially in team-centered matches. Individual skills will allow you to push through certain scenarios in a game; however, teamwork still makes the dream work! And through communication, births new terms that are easier to understand when playing games.

The use of language has changed so much in terms of gaming! Do you know any of these new hip lingoes?

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The gaming slang then can be different from the language now, and we want to bring those terms into light and see how much of the gaming lingo has changed. BT-dubs, since we are in the mindset of gaming, have your network connectivity upgraded with the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 (powered by PLDT Home WiFi 6!), so you can kiss the lag goodbye and have the high ground against your opponent.

Now, are you ready to feel the nostalgia? Let's go!


Millennial terms

Although some of these terms are still used by people in our modern video game communities, they are on this list due to their use during the early 2000s and their lack of use now; and by now, I am referring to the date 2022.

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  • AMP (or Am P*ta): Yes, let us start the list with a spicy one. This is normally uttered in its acronym form and is used when one is hella frustrated. Although some argue that this also stands for “ain’t my problem.”

  • Lol: The use of lol, or laugh out loud, is still found in our modern conversation, I even use it occasionally, but it is on this list because it was prevalent then as it is now. If you want an upgraded version of lol, you can switch over to the use of lel, which implies the same thing but with a hint of sarcasm.

  • Pabuhat: I have not come across this term in my matches in League and I was told it was most common there. Pabuhat is normally mentioned at the start of a game and places the weight of carrying on other players. There isn’t any term I am aware of that has a modernized version of this, but if I was matched with insanely good teammates, I would mention the term “freelo,” which means I gained easy rank points from anything other than my own efforts.

  • PWNED: This is a classic one. PWNED means to utterly defeat someone and would usually go on old Call of Duty videos with 360-no scopers. It is a beloved general term that can be used now, but not naturally integrated when gamers speak. The equivalent term I can point out now is “dunked on'' or even the nastier “shat on” which implies total domination.

  • Noob: This term is something I hold close to my heart personally. I came across this term when I accompanied my older cousins in a computer shop and heard this word mentioned over and over again. Noob basically means inexperienced player, pretty much like a “newbie”, but is used to taunt other players far beyond your skill level. The modernized term for noob is “Bot” or “Kid.”



Gen-Z terms

Normally these terms arise out of the blue or from popular influencers and streamers. From there, it begins to integrate into regular conversations that can happen in-game or out of it. Below are some of the modern terms that can get you started.

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  • POG: This term is used to express amazement normally. POG originally came from a person on the Twitch platform but has been erased due to severe complications. Still, since its frequency was too much to eradicate, other variations, such as COGGERS, have arisen.

  • No cap: This term is used when you are sure of yourself. “I’m going to complete this article in one sitting, no cap.” Usually, the cap isn’t spelled out and is replaced with a “cap” emoji when conversing normally.

  • Scuffed: I honestly didn’t have to research what scuffed meant because I got it from context when watching a streamer play Cyberpunk 2077, and we all know how that went down during its launch. But to be more direct, scuffed is used when something is glitchy or low quality. This term can also be used in normal conversation when describing a lecture in school, a speech, or even during awkward comedy nights.

  • Sweats: Sweats is a term that describes players going over the top just to win a game or match. This was originally termed during the early seasons of Fortnite for players who can build elaborate buildings in under three seconds. From there, it became a general term that is used in just about any other game.

  • F: F to pay respect, ‘nuff said. This was hilarious at the time when going through Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare because it prompted the player to press a button to give respect. It was coined around 2014, but it is still used to this very day.


The gaming culture is constantly evolving, and it pays to keep attention to it because it shapes how individuals communicate with one another. It also allows us to connect easier between generations! On your next big game, make sure to communicate better and win faster with PLDT Home’s WiFi 6!


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