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IN PHOTOS: Hardcourt Fashion Pieces That Would Up Your Style Game

Apr 19, 2022
By Janice Roman

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Did you know almost every district in the country has at least one basketball court? Everyone knows how crazy Filipinos are for basketball. It’s been the most played and celebrated sport in the country for as long as anyone can remember.

Level up the power of handsome as your home court advantage!

Basketball is so popular in the country that merchandise for the sport has become a staple piece in Philippine fashion for men and women alike. Nike once reported that we’re its third-largest market for basketball merchandise, just after China and the United States.

Fans sport their handsome sneakers when going to malls, attending mass, meeting friends, and even going to school and work. It’s no secret that the hardcourt culture has ingrained itself into the hearts of most Filipinos, so here are some of the slickest hardcourt pairs you can wear to bump up your style and your game!


From Nike

Kevin Durant’s eighth signature sneaker, the Nike KD 8, boasts innovative cushioning and flexible support. Its Flywire cables are not just flashy, they’re also designed to make the shoes more comfortable by loosening and tightening based on the wearer’s movement. Its simple aerodynamic design is safe for casual sneaker fans and dedicated basketball lovers. They go well with both shorts and long pants, too!


From Under Armour

The Under Armor Curry Flow 8’s unisex design appeals to a wider variety of fans. Safe to wear with jeans, skirt, jeggings, khakis, or even jogger pants, the sneaker is casual and cool at the same time. It has a high heel tab, which dips at the collar, giving more freedom to the ankle joints. The Flow 8 is completely rubberless, making it lighter to wear!


From New Balance

Kawhi Leonard’s first sneaker outing sports a polygonal design unique to the New Balance Kawhi. It has a wide variety of striking, colorful designs, perfect for more fashion-forward fans. Like how Leonard dictates the game, New Balance pioneered an outsole shank design for this shoe, providing better rigidity and support on and off the court.


From Adidas

“Style and substance” is a short phrase that can be easily used to describe Damian Lillard’s fifth signature sneaker, the Adidas Dame 5. In keeping with the Portland shooting guard’s signature step-back shots, the shoe’s high-cut body is topped with a textile collar. Built for flexibility and comfort, it looks great even when worn off the court with casual pants.


From Nike News

Converse was the first to enter the basketball shoe business; and, despite being acquired by Nike in 2003, the Boston-based shoe manufacturer hasn’t lost its creative touch. One of their fanciest outings is the Converse G4 Hyper Swarm, signed to Golden State superstar Draymond Green. The name references Green’s swarming defensive play, and its gold color scheme is a nod to his team’s signature color. Simple, versatile, and comfortable, this shoe is a safe bet in and out of the court.

You’re not wrong if you mistake the Adidas Trae Young I—Trae Young’s first signature sneakers—for an avant-garde runway piece. The shoes have a segmented sole unit, with ridges sticking out of the mid-sole that look good with either high socks, mid socks, or even foot socks.

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From Adidas


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