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WFH Space Upgrades That Will Improve Your Productivity

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by Gracey Maala

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Thanks to technology, we’re now able to do two, three, or even four tasks at once. Of course, this can get overwhelming, so if you feel like your productivity has hit a snag, tweaking your workstation may be a great solution—especially if you’ve been working from home!

WFH Space Upgrades That Will Improve Your Productivity

By upgrading your workspace, you can boost your productivity and creativity and get more things done. Our workspaces at home must be complete, organized, and comfortable to achieve a better day-to-day work experience. So, read on to discover some of our gadget recommendations to make your work-from-home venture more efficient and productive.

Stance Executive Single Motor Standing Desk

Photo from Stance Official Website

The Stance Executive Dual Motor Standing Desk (starts at ₱22,990) will bring your productivity to the next level—literally. With its fast motor, high load capacity, and wide range of height options, it lets you personalize your sit-and-stand routine in just a few clicks. With this desk, it’ll be easier for users to enjoy the perks of ergonomics and start living more productively. To add, it has the widest range for height adjustability from 64cm to 129cm and can load a capacity of up to 120kg. What’s more, it comes with a touchscreen control panel that includes a USB charging port. You can also check out more standing desk recommendations here!

Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor

Photo from Xiaomi Official Website

This isn’t just great for gaming, but for boosting productivity, too! The Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor (₱23,999) has a 34-inch WQHD screen with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. The 21:9 aspect ratio extends the edge of the screen, giving you more display space than a standard 16:9 monitor. The wider screen supports split-screen multitasking, allowing you to open multiple documents at once to work more efficiently. More so, the 1500R extreme curvature design gives you an immersive panoramic view, while its adjustable height and adjustable viewing angle provide you with comfort for better viewing. We got our hands on the Mi Curved Gaming Monitor, and you can check out our review on the Next Upgrade YouTube channel!

Cradle Pro Ergonomic Office Chair

Photo from Stance Official Website

The longer you sit in front of your desk, the more tiring it is, so investing in a good chair is a must! The Stance Cradle Pro Ergonomic Office Chair (₱13,990) has all the essential adjustable features you need to take complete control of your comfort despite long work hours. Stay comfy all day with a breathable mesh office chair that can shift its recline, armrest, headrest, and lumbar support to your liking. This ergonomic chair offers the best value for your money with its effective posture correcting and work functionality. It can also blend well in any workspace with its minimalist design!

Logitech K480 Keyboard

Photo from Logitech Official Website

The Logitech K480 (₱2,295) is a space-saving multi-device keyboard that improves typing on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It has a minimalist layout that features all the keys you need, all included in its compact design. This lightweight, multi-tasking keyboard is what everyone needs to get more done. Plus, it is highly durable and comes with long battery life!


From IKEA Philippines Official Website

You might want to consider getting a riser that raises your computer monitor and helps organize your workspace. A cluttered space might make you less productive, so the IKEA ELLOVEN (₱1,190) stand with drawers is a must-have to help you stay more organized.

Baseus C2 Mini Vacuum

Photo from Baseus Official Website

You may also agree that a messy desk is not conducive to productivity, that’s why a mini vacuum on your desk is good to have on-hand. The Baseus C2 (₱499) has a minimalist, capsule-like design with 1000Pa suction power ideal for cleaning your desktop quickly. It also has microporous filters with a 200 mesh filter that capture dust as small as 0.063mm.

Do you have your own list of recommended accessories that help you achieve enhanced productivity? Which ones do you think would be the perfect addition to your workspace? Let us know in the comments!

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By Gracey Maala

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