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The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Connection as a Power User

Nov 01, 2022 by Louigi Balao

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AB_Benefits of Having a Dedicated Connection as a Power User

Nothing feels more satisfying than installing a fresh, speedy, and reliable Internet plan. I can vouch for this, especially after years of using pocket WiFi as my daily driver because the difference between the two is like night and day. If you are one of those who seek out a dedicated connection, keep an eye out for PLDT Home’s MyOwnWiFi so you can get things done more efficiently!

To get or not to get, that is the question. Do you need a dedicated Internet connection?

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Jump to 2022, and the lives of both the new and old gen have at least some level of interaction or use for Internet connection – be it for social, education, or for business. With that thought in mind, the question arises, “Do I really need a dedicated Internet connection, or am I fine with a shared connection?”

To digest things easier, we shall understand what a shared and dedicated Internet connection is. From there, we can lay down the benefits that a dedicated connection will provide.

Shared Internet access is the common Internet connection we most likely have, something that even your grandparents might be using at this very moment. It is shared because other users can tap in and use it. So if your household has ten users, the bandwidth would be divided between all those ten, causing connectivity issues. On the other hand, a dedicated Internet access is simple; only the assigned or intended user can connect to it (unless you share the WiFi password with others). So, if you subscribed to a 100Mbps Internet plan, you and only you would have access to that speed.  


Mirrored upload and download speeds. Have you ever run a speedtest to check your Internet speed and see that your download is hitting 100mbps while your upload remains at a whopping 1.00mbps speed? Yeah, that is frustratingly weird.

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Having a dedicated Internet connection gives you uninterrupted upload and download experience. This is critical for people whose jobs revolve around the Internet, such as:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Web developer
  • Social media manager
  • Video editors
  • Multimedia producers
  • Customer service representatives


Clarity. You have an important meeting in the next five minutes, but your Internet connection isn’t cooperating. Having a dedicated connection will give you a worry-free experience in your meeting and allow you to hear every necessary detail required to make your output high quality.

Say hello to less laggy audio and less pixelated images. A dedicated Internet access is life-changing!

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Better network quality and security. A dedicated Internet connection makes use of a private network giving you better control of your usage, whereas a shared connection makes your home Internet accessible to multiple users. This may potentially cause some cybersecurity issues, making your devices vulnerable to hacks or data leakage. If your Internet-based transactions deals with sensitive data, it is best to opt for a dedicated Internet to protect all your private information. Another layer of security won’t hurt anyone–being safe than sorry.


Possible solution. The search for a solution doesn't have to be far. Suppose you are already running a PLDT Home Fiber Plan but yearn for dedicated access. In that case, PLDT Home also offers MyOwnWiFi, which will grant you priority for your given plan–a win-win situation that doesn't have to be so costly. Plus, it provides additional bandwidth with the same speed as your main Fiber Plan!

Overall having a dedicated Internet connection will serve you well. It may come with additional costs, but its benefits outweigh them. If your actions do not lie within the realm of the Internet, it is best to remain with a shared Internet connection. If your job requires instantaneous access to online assets or many online meetings, it is best to opt for dedicated Internet access.


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