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How to Make Your Smart Home Future-Ready

Feb 10, 2023 by Karess Rubrico

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Future-proofing your home WiFi connection is one thing–doing the same for your smart home with a dedicate connection is another!

Time to get your (smart) home in order!

The smart home revolution has brought new possibilities and conveniences, but with consumer technology taking huge strides, it's important to future-proof your home. Here are some tips to make sure your smart home stays relevant and functional for the years to come.


Upgrade your current devices

The reality is technology is ever-evolving; whether you’ve invested in your first smart home appliance or are still on the fence about making your next upgrade, you can’t deny that the future is already here.

For instance, you may already have an existing smart assistant at home–such as a Google Home Mini, but you may want to consider upgrading to a smart display . This type of device can serve as your home’s centralized smart home hub while also providing you with visuals, making it infinitely easier for those of us who are visual learners or, say, looking for instructional videos or directions to a certain place.

Moreover, by upgrading your current devices, you can ensure that your smart home stays up-to-date and continues to meet your needs as technology evolves. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on new products and advancements in the smart home space.


Establish robust and secure home automation systems

Matter, the newest smart home interoperability standard, was officially launched in late 2022. Through this universal smart home language, every smart gadget in your home would be able to communicate with each other seamlessly, regardless of its manufacturer or operating system.

Matter is an important consideration for future-proofing the smart home because it helps ensure that your devices will continue to work together effectively and securely, even as technology evolves. By choosing compatible devices with Matter, you can ensure that your smart home will be ready to accommodate new advancements and continue to meet your needs as they change. At the moment, smart home brands such as Apple, Google, SmartThings, Nanoleaf, and many others are working to create Matter-compatible devices to make your smart home experience more integrated.

Another great thing about Matter is its promise of enhanced security and privacy. Thanks to a layered approach to device authentication , hackers won’t be able to access smart home devices as easily as they used to–making your smart home experience both seamless and safe.


Harness the power of solar energy

Living in a tropical country such as ours puts us at an advantage to leverage solar energy. And one of its biggest benefits is the cost savings , especially for our home electricity bills. While the initial investment to transition to a solar-powered home may be expensive, you can also opt to convert to solar-powered devices one at a time.

The Philippines as a whole is yet to maximize solar energy, but many homes are starting to make the shift, particularly in more rural areas where utility bills tend to be more expensive.


Stay connected at all times

Future-proofing your smart home starts with investing in a dedicated home WiFi connection. That’s where PLDT Home MyOwnWiFi comes in. So what makes this a better option than upgrading your current home Internet plan? You’ll have your very own allocated and dedicated bandwidth that you can leverage for work or play at just a fraction of the cost. It won’t affect the bandwidth consumed by the other members of your home–allowing you to take your productivity or recreational activities to greater heights!

Powering up a smart home will definitely require a greater amount of data on top of all the other devices you and your family are using at home. That’s why PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus plans are perfect for your needs–you’ll get to enjoy speeds of up to 1000 Mbps anywhere at home!


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