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How to Speed Up Your Home WiFi

Mar 06, 2023 by Louigi Balao

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Imagine just going about your day, watching videos, playing games, or casually scrolling through the Internet. Everything is right with the world until your videos start to buffer, your games start to lag, and your websites start to load awfully long. This feeling utterly feels bad and brings out the worst in us sometimes; I, too, share this grievance sometimes, which is why we are providing you with a list that may come in clutch when speeding up your Home WiFi.

These tips may help boost the performance and speed of your connection.

You got to move it, move it. If your router is hidden within a cupboard or small closet, it may dampen or sometimes cut your WiFi signal. If you are suffering from slow Internet, move your router to someplace more open or central. If you have acquired a nasty-looking router, the normal action after would be to keep it hidden. Another alternative to this is attaining a better-looking router that can blend in with your lovely home so it can be kept accessible to your devices. 


If a fresh installation for your internet is ongoing, it is best to consult with the employees about where the router should be displaced in your home. It may take longer, but going through this process will help you from future headaches.

Also, if you are considering upgrading your internet, you can opt for PLDT Home’s MyOwnWiFi, which grants new and existing customers a dedicated connection–allowing your Internet experience to be fast and stable. It makes your Internet stronger with the power of two connections.

Keep it fresh, keep it updated. You may not know it, but the router you have now may not be updated at all. Some routers automatically check for firmware updates, but it is best to check for yourself if you are experiencing slower performance. This can be checked from the subsequent mobile app that most routers have nowadays, but if you can’t locate it, you can check its settings.

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For a general guide, you can check the following:

●     Go to your router's settings through its default IP address located on the back or bottom of your router.

●     Input its respective admin and password, also located at the back.

●     Head over to the settings of your router and click the Advanced option.

●     From there, you can click through the available options and check the update firmware or update option.

Out with the old and in with the new. Sometimes there is no fixing your router, so you have to let the old boy go. There are cases where the firmware can’t keep up with the Internet connection, especially if it was recently installed. This is why you need an upgrade, and what best than to pick PLDT’s WiFi 6? These routers provide you enhanced home coverage, different WiFi bands for different devices, and for the gamers out there, a game boost function that grants you an optimized connection for better gaming sessions.

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A quick reboot is what it might need. When in doubt, turn it off and then on again. Yeah, it may seem prehistoric, but this tip honestly works. To reboot your router, you can either press the restart button located at the back of your router–which normally requires a thin pin to press–or simply pull the plug. Quick, easy, and doable whenever you have a slow internet connection. 


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