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Know Your Needs Better: A Guide on Internet Speed, Usage, and More

Oct 18, 2023 by Gracey Maala

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AB_Know Your Needs Better_ A Guide on Internet Speed, Usage, and More

A reliable Internet connection has become all-important in our lives now that everything blends seamlessly online. Especially for Filipinos who, according to recent research from Statista, lead the Asia-Pacific region in Internet usage, with users spending an average of 9.14 hours online in the third quarter of 2022. Unfortunately, not all users are subscribed to the right Internet plan that suits their lifestyle and meets their needs, which sometimes results in poor online experience. This highlights the critical role that Internet speed plays in our day-to-day, from streaming and gaming to working, video calling, and so much more.

Understanding your lifestyle is the first step to an optimized online experience!

Understanding your current Internet speeds and needs

To fully harness the digital world’s potential, understanding the concept of Internet speed is vital. Internet speed dictates how quickly information is downloaded and uploaded from the Internet to various devices, measured in megabits per second (Mbps), which dictates the quality of your online activities. The higher the Mbps, the smoother your experience is.

The first step in optimizing your Internet experience is understanding your unique requirements. A report from Meltwater, as of January 2023, outlines the main reasons why global Internet users aged 16 to 64 utilize the Internet:

Recognizing your unique requirements lays the foundation for optimizing your connection. It’s important to note that different activities have varying bandwidth requirements. Uploading large files, streaming high-definition videos, and engaging in online gaming all demand different levels of Internet speed.

Speeds to match your digital habits

For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States recommends a minimum Internet speed of 25 Mbps for each person in a household with regular usage. Ideally, you should also allot 10 Mbps to each device. Adding the speeds required for the people and devices that use your Internet gives you a rough estimate of what your Internet speeds should be. The question now is: is your current Internet plan aligned with your needs?

Find out what you need with the help of the guide below!

Understanding Internet usage is important in optimizing your online experience. Whether you’re a casual or power user, subscribing to the right speed can make a significant difference.

Factors affecting your Internet speed

While a more comprehensive discussion of this topic goes beyond the scope of this article, it’s essential to acknowledge the various elements influencing your Internet speed. These factors include your service plan, number of users, type of usage, and network congestion, which all contribute to your connection’s efficiency.

Why you should consider getting higher-speed fiber plans

A fiber-fast and a reliable home Internet connection like the ones offered under PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus plans is paramount in our increasingly Internet-dependent world. However, upgrading to higher-speed fiber plans can be a game-changer. Because, nowadays, it’s not just about faster downloads; it’s about gaining access to a world of better online experiences:

  • Enhanced video conferencing and streaming. Enjoy crisp, uninterrupted video calls and HD streaming.
  • Less lags in gaming and entertainment. Experience the best gaming and entertainment without the frustration of lag.
  • Productivity gains in remote work environments. Ensure smooth virtual meetings and efficient file transfers.

By recognizing when an upgrade is necessary, you can ensure your Internet experience is seamless and efficient. In our next article, we’ll explore how upgrades can further enhance your Internet consumption and guide you in selecting the right speeds for your home. Embrace the digital world with confidence, armed with the knowledge of how to make your Internet work for you and your smart home!


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