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What’s Right for You? Know the Internet Needs of Different House Types

Nov 15, 2023 by Karess Rubrico

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AB_The Internet Needs of Different House Types

Is your current household’s Internet plan enough to cover all your online activities at home? Here’s a guide to help you determine what the best upgrade is for your household, and why you need to make that consideration!

Not every home is the same!

The different types of Filipino homes

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the average household size of a typical Filipino home is 4 persons. However, some of us may have grown up, or are living with, extended family or roommates.

In 2023, the PSA released a report on the types of houses Filipinos dwell in:

  • Single houses, best known as single-detached units. These homes are typically stand-alone units on their respective lots and do not share walls or other floors with other properties. The PSA reported that 87.6 percent of occupied housing units in the Philippines were single houses.
  • Apartments or row houses. As its name suggests, row houses are identical properties laid out in rows. This entails having shared walls and rooflines with your next-door neighbors. Row houses are also typically more affordable in terms of investment, and are a typical option for small- to medium-sized families.
  • These types of properties comprise three percent of occupied homes in the Philippines. A duplex is composed of two separate residential units in one structure. Similar to row houses, these homes have a shared wall and are ideal for larger families.
  • Condos. More Filipinos have been investing in condominiums, particularly in Metro Manila’s major business districts. Condos are mostly ideal for yuppies, couples, and starter families because of their smaller spaces and overall convenience.

The future of Filipino homes

According to the Federal Communications Commission in the US, each member of a typical household uses a minimum of 25 Mbps, with an additional 10 Mbps for each device. However, it’s likely that this may not be enough, especially with growing usage requirements and simultaneous use.

A study joined by Jobstreet states that over 50 percent of the current Filipino workforce prefers working from home. In another survey, a whopping 82 percent of Gen Zs have expressed interest in WFH opportunities after college. These numbers show us that remote work is likely to be part of the future of work–and as such, will require a greater amount of Internet bandwidth at home.

Smart home adoption in the Philippines is also showing significant growth. In a 2023 report from Statista, the smart home device market grew by 50 percent from 2020 to 2021. More Filipinos, in particular, are investing in smart home control and connectivity devices, such as smart speakers and smart plugs. You may already be using these gadgets at home, too!

Given these developments, there’s definitely merit to upgrading your home WiFi connection–more so, if you and your family members work from home, are gamers, or love binge-watching!

The right Internet plan for your household’s needs

If you live in a smaller space and live alone, or with a companion, Fiber Plus Plan 1899 by PLDT Home is an ideal starter option. This plan delivers up to 200 Mbps of speed–ideal for heavy surfing, video calls, and SD streaming on up to three devices.

Medium-sized households may get the most out of Fiber Plus Plan 2399 by PLDT Home. Work becomes a breeze thanks to seamless file transfers, and gamers will enjoy minimal lag.

A larger household will benefit the most from Fiber Plus Plan 2999 by PLDT Home. Not only will you enjoy ultra HD streaming and gaming, but have fuss-free file transfers.

PLDT Home’s Fiber Plus plans include WiFi Mesh units to ensure that every corner of your home receives consistent speeds, despite signal blockers that come between your device and your router. These Fiber Plus Plans also come with exciting promos and giveaways monthly.

No matter how many people are in your home, or the number of devices you all use, PLDT Home Fiber Plus plans deliver fiber-fast speeds to ensure that you can power up your home, the smart way! Make the Philippines’ undisputed fastest Internet your next upgrade today.


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