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Making that dough with the Breville Bakery Boss + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

May 20, 2022 by


ATTENTION newbie bakers and the small business owners! The Breville Bakery Boss might just be the bestest friend you’ll know to help you make that dough 💰 Stick around to the end for a super special announcement!

00:01 - Intro
00:32 - The Breville Bakery Boss: The Sweetest Treat
01:20 - What it does differently
01:47 - Let there be light!
02:02 - Its two new innovations
03:01 - The Scraping Paddle to help you make that dough!
04:07 - Special Announcement

Breville Bakery Boss: https://nextupgrade.info/ep31_bbaboss

We just want to thank you all for making this experience so much fun. We hope you all enjoyed learning about all the cool ways you can upgrade your home into a smart one, ‘cause we sure did!

And because you’ve all shown us so much love with your likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions, we're really excited to announce that our little show will be back for a bigger and better SEASON TWOOOO 💥

We’ll be taking a break for a few weeks and we’ll come back with a brand-new season filled with more upgrades, more fun content, and maybe even a few surprises! See you in a few weeks, neighbors!

All devices are powered by PLDT Home’s Fibr Plans, check it out here: https://nextupgrade.info/nuytphsite



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