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Aesthetic smart lights for transforming your home! #NextUpgrade

Nov 14, 2022 by


If you’re already transforming your home into a smart one, make sure it looks good! In this episode, we’re featuring smart light devices that will upgrade any room at home! 💡

0:01 - Introduction
0:29 - Lasco Smart Starlight Projector
0:48 - Realistic night sky scenes ✨
2:36 - Lasco Smart Nordic Floor Lamp
3:11 - Controlling 16 million colors 🎨
5:51 - CrabTek Sunset Lamp Projector
6:07 - More than sunset colors ☀️

Devices featured:
Lasco Smart Starlight Projector: https://nextupgrade.info/lscstrlght
Lasco Smart Nordic Floor Lamp: https://nextupgrade.info/lscnrdc
CrabTek Sunset Lamp Projector: https://nextupgrade.info/cbtksnst

Welcome to our channel! Next Upgrade by PLDT Home is your ultimate guide to upgrading your home into a smart one 🏡

All devices are powered by PLDT Home’s Fibr Plans, check it out here: https://nextupgrade.info/nuytphsite


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