What is a PLDT Call All Service?

PLDT Call All Service bundles your PLDT Main Landline and Wireless Landline which allow you to make and receive FREE Unlimited landline calls from anywhere in the Country within your Home Zone.

What is the difference with PLDT Call All Family?

PLDT Call All Family Service allows you to bundle your PLDT Main Landline with up to five (5) Wireless Landlines for an additional Monthly Service Fee of P250/SIM.

Who can avail of this service?

All new and existing PLDT residential subscribers can apply for a PLDT Call All / PLDT Call All Family Service.

What does Home Zone mean?

Home Zone refers to the area/province where your PLDT Main Landline is installed.
i.e. Physical address is located in Makati, GMM
GMM (02) PLP Number can be brought to Cebu (032)
PLP calls to Manila from Cebu – Local/Unlimited

What are the features of Call All Service?

  • Unlimited local calls – enjoy unlimited calls within your Home Zone.
  • Bring it anywhere in the country – Make and receive calls on your wireless landline to your Home Zone
  • Save on costly phone charge
    1. FREE landline calls within the Home Zone
    2. P1.00/minute PLDT to PLDT NDD Calls; And if you upgrade to Call All Family with more than two (2) Wireless Landlines, you will enjoy PLDT to PLDT NDD calling nationwide for LIFETIME FOR FREE!
    3. Plus, FREE Sixty (60) SMS per Wireless Landline
  • Convenient and Easy to Use – Just insert the PLDT Postpaid SIM into any open line cellular phone and use it like a regular landline.

Are there any initial fees I have to settle?

Service Activation Fee: P100 to be billed on the 1st Billing Statement (one-time only).

Can I use the PLDT Postpaid SIM in any open mobile handset?

Yes. Just insert the Postpaid PLP SIM in an open mobile handset and use instantly!

What if the PLDT Postpaid SIMs were defective, can you return them anytime?

No. The PLDT Postpaid SIMs are guaranteed ONLY for a period of seven (7) working days from the date of receipt.

  • Returned SIM that exceeds the 7-day warranty period will NOT be honored. If after the 7-day warranty period, the SIM is found to be defective, you will need to purchase a new SIM from any PLDT Sales & Service Center but your telephone number(s) will be retained.
  • Returned mobile handsets that exceeds the 7-day warranty period will NOT be honored. If after the 7-day warranty period, the mobile handsets are found to be defective, you may go to any nearest Supplier Sales & Service Center for repair. Appropriate repair charges will apply if this is not covered by the warranty guidelines specified in the Supplier’s handset user guidelines.

Is there a minimum contract period for Call All Service?

  • Lock-in period is Twenty-Four (24) months
  • Pre-termination fee of P2,500 per Wireless Landline
    1. i.e. Call All Family – P2,500 x 5 = Php 12,500
    2. Full cost of handset: P2,650 (for 5 wireless landlines)

Does the Call All Service Support 3G?

Yes! You have the option to upgrade your Call All Service with the following consumable volume data mobile internet services.For details, you may check the link for the wireless internet bundles option.






UPGRADE*add from your existing MSF

Add P299


Not Applicable

If existing lock-in is less than 12 mos.

Refreshed to 2 years

Add P299


Not Applicable

If existing lock-in is less than 12 mos.

Refreshed to 1 year

Add P624


With Handset

Refreshed to 2 years

*Add-On to you existing Monthly Service Fee for Main Landline & Wireless Landlines
i.e. P600 (Main Landline)+ P250 (Call All) + P629 (Consumable Volume)
*Total Monthly Service will vary if this is bundled with myDSL, Telpad, etc.
i.e. Plan 990 (Voice & myDSL) + P250 (Call All)+P629 (Consumable volume)

Who do I contact if I encounter a problem with the service or the unit?

For after-sales concerns, you may contact the PLDT Hotline thru 101-328.