PLAN 3500

up to 8 Mbps 

Just add P500 to get a Telpad!

 Just add P299 to enjoy
62 Cignal TV Channels

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PLAN 5800

up to 20 Mbps

Comes with a Free TVolution or Telpad!

Bundled with 73 
Cignal TV Channels

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PLAN 8800

up to 50 Mbps

Comes with a Free TVolution or Telpad!

Bundled with 73 
Cignal TV Channels

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PLAN 20000

up to 100 Mbps

Comes with a Free TVolution or Telpad!

Bundled with 93
Cignal TV Channels

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You can also enjoy these exclusive offers if you subscribe NOW!

Free one month subscription if you are a DSL subscriber
Free installation and Fibr modem
Free Fibr voice line
Free PLDT to PLDT NDD for one year

Experience ultra-fast browsing of multiple websites.

Enjoy up to 93 Cignal TV Channels through your dedicated Fibr connection.

PLDT is the access provider. The TV portion of the Triple Play package is provided by Cignal.


up to 8 Mbps at 50GB

Comes with a landline



up to 8 Mbps

Get an additional 10 GB for only P199


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lite Plan 1899?

With the Lite Plan, you can experience HOME’s most powerful broadband and enjoy the power of Fibr with a monthly volume allowance at a LITE price!

How much volume allowance do I have per month?

The Lite Plan 1899 allows you to enjoy up to 8 Mbps with 50 GB worth of internet usage per month. Your monthly volume allowance automatically refreshes on the first day of your billing cycle. Any unused volume will be forfeited.

We highly encourage regular tracking of your volume usage to stay online.

What happens once I consume my 50 GB monthly volume allowance?

After consuming your allotted internet usage, you may avail of a volume booster package to continue accessing the internet. For only P199, you get additional 10 GB volume allowance up to 8 Mbps.

Why can't I connect to the Internet?

Please type in on your browser. If you still get access to, you may have consumed your 50GB monthly volume allowance. You may purchase a volume booster package for additional volume of 10GB for P199.

How do I avail of the volume booster package?

This may only be done online. Make sure you have a myHome ID which will be used to Sign in at to purchase a volume booster package.

What if I need more volume allowance?

You may purchase up to 3 booster packages per billing period, depending on your credit rating. You may visit to check your credit rating.

How will I know if my volume allowance is about to be fully consumed?

We highly encourage that you regularly monitor your internet usage using your account. Notifications will pop up on your screen when you have consumed 70%, 90%, and 100% of your monthly allowance.

What happens to any unconsumed additional volume from a booster package?

Unconsumed volume from a booster package may be carried over only to the next month. Note that the volume from a booster package will be consumed before your allocated monthly volume allowance of 50 GB.

How can I avail of the Lite Plan 1899?

You may call 101-Fibr (3427) or visit to subscribe to the Lite Plan. The service is for specific areas in specific subdivisions and neighborhoods in Metro Manila only. You have to be residing in one of these selected areas in the following subdivisions to be eligible to apply for the service: Please see list of Fibr villages.

How much do I have to pay to subscribe to Lite Plan 1899?

Plan 1899 at 8 Mbps with 50 GB volume allowance.
Add 2,200 for the modem fee (Comes with free: Fibr Voice Line, Installation, Service activation)

If I'm subscribed to a DSL bundle plan, can I avail of the Fibr Lite Plan?

Yes, only DSL Plans 990, 1299, and 999 running on FTTH can avail of Fibr Lite Plan 1899. It will be considered as an upgrade.