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Wholistic Health at Home with mWell

Apr 08, 2022
By Karess Rubrico

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Now, more than ever, we are all realizing just how priceless health is. Living through the ongoing pandemic has been tough; but, thankfully, technology has helped us pull through during this time. Virtual consultations have been literal lifesavers at a time when face-to-face interactions are limited. Enter mWell, a fast-growing health platform that aims to provide expert medical advice 24/7.

Experience overall health with the app’s three unique features


From mWell Official Website

The mWell app allows you to consult with experienced primary care doctors and specialists from Carespan, Keralty Philippines, and Philcare. Whether it’s an emergency or a routine check-up, you can schedule a consultation with doctors on call. Payments are also hassle-free, as you can do it seamlessly and securely within the app. You can request an e-prescription or an e-medical certificate after your consultation, too.

Besides offering telemedicine services, the mWell app goes beyond consultations with a host of notable features.

Stay on track with your fitness goals with the mWellness Score

The mWellness Score integrates with your smartphone’s health tracker to measure the hours of sleep you had, your step count, as well as the amounts of exercise, light activity, and rest you had. The app also seamlessly integrates with your Fitbit or Garmin wearable for more accurate reporting.


From mWell Official Website

Developed by an award-winning team of doctors and data scientists from Aktivolabs, the mWellness Score is meant to encourage users to maintain a score of 80 and above—which, based on their findings, indicates a healthy lifestyle. Meeting this score consistently means having a lowered risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you find that you’re not happy with your mWellness Score, there’s no need to worry because raising this number doesn’t require a drastic lifestyle change. Making a few adjustments in your daily activities, like adding exercise in your daily routine, getting 7 to 9 hours sleep every night, or taking more steps within the day, is a surefire way to increase it and improve your health.

Customizable fitness and nutrition programs

The mWell app includes fitness and nutrition programs designed by Olympians, exercise physiologists, and personal trainers that can be personalized according to your individual goals. The app’s core programs include weight loss, weight maintenance, and diabetes prevention. Each program can be customized according to your food preferences and fitness level, which includes an overall workout plan, daily exercise videos, and a daily meal plan to help you stay on track. Weekly mindfulness videos serve as a great reminder to focus on your progress as well.


From mWell Official Website

mWell’s nutrition and fitness programs also touch on specific milestones to keep you guided on your diet and movement. Whether you’re kickstarting your health and fitness journey, preparing to run a marathon, or keeping track of your pregnancy, the mWell app has you covered.

Purchase prepaid health plans for you and your family

mWell offers prepaid Philcare health plans ranging from medical coverage for dengue fever, emergency outpatient and hospitalization services, and mental health consultation. Specialized health coverage is available for children, adults, and families. More details on each prepaid health card are available at the Philcare official website.


Take charge of your health with mWell

The mWell app doesn’t just let you seek medical advice from the safety of home–you can also tweak your overall lifestyle and keep your family protected. Download the Philippines’ fastest-growing health app today. mWell is available on iOS and Android.


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