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What’s New on Viu: K-Dramas & Viu Originals To Watch Out For This June

Jun 16, 2022 by


by Gracey Maala

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There’s no hiding from the wet season now, and along with the heavy rains and thunderstorms is Viu pouring exceptional drama series that are as thrilling as they are nerve-wracking. That’s K-Drama for you, though! There’s something special about watching fresh stories for the first time — just that thrilling feeling it gives you. If you are curious about the latest adrenaline-inducing titles, look for these on Viu now!

These new shows are perfect for binge-watching on rainy days!

Why Her?
Starring Seo Hyu-jin, Hwang In-yeop, Bae In-hyuk, Heo Joon-ho, and Lee Jin-hyuk


Courtesy of Viu

If you’ve seen a lot of K-dramas, you know that law firms are widely considered highly competitive in South Korea. Why Her? is a mysterious romance drama about cold-hearted lawyer Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and law school student Gong Chan (Hwang In-yeop) falling for each other. When Soo-jae finds herself at her darkest, Gong Chan offers his hand. Can you imagine how emotional or mysterious the events will turn out? Watch the full trailer here:

Starring Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Sun, and Lee Sang-yeob


Courtesy of Viu

It’s Okay to Not be Okay lead actress Seo Yea-ji graces a drama anew! Catch her in her comeback as Lee Ra-el, a girl who had everything stripped away from her when she was a teenager. Money, family, and happiness–all due to the greed of a single conglomerate. Happiness will never return to her, but she knows that blood-red love and vengeance will quench her thirst for revenge. Watch her wreck everyone and everything that shaped the person she is now! See the trailer here:

Pretty Little Liars 2
Starring Anya Geraldine, Valerie Thomas, Caitlin Halderman, Shindy Huang, and Yuki Kato


Courtesy of Viu

It isn’t too late to watch season two of the Indonesian adaptation of Pretty Little Liars – with original audio or Tagalog-dubbed! The Liars: Sabrina, Hanna, Ema, and Aria—four beautiful girls hide their darkest secrets—find themselves reunited as they suddenly get messages from a mysterious figure named ‘A’ who threatens to expose their skeletons in the closet. Who is ‘A,’ though? Check out the trailer below.

Flower of Evil
Starring Piolo Pascual and Lovi Poe

Flower of Evil PH Adaptation VIU

Courtesy of Viu

ABS-CBN Entertainment and Viu bring us the Philippine adaptation of the in-demand Korean thriller drama Flower of Evil. A tale of a man who hides his cruel past and changes his identity while his detective wife tracks down his history. Streaming on Viu this June 23, this adaptation will feature award-winning actor and Philippines' ‘ultimate leading man’ Piolo Pascual, together with the new Kapamilya star Lovi Poe. It is the first Viu Original adaptation drama series from the Philippines to stream simultaneously in 16 territories across Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa 48 hours before its TV broadcast.

Watch the full trailer below!

Starring Chani, Kang Min-ah, and Hwiyoung


Courtesy of Viu

Another Viu Original coming this June is Miracle. It features two members of the popular K-Pop group SF9, Chani and Hwiyoung, together with leading lady Kang Min-ah in a romantic comedy that revolves around young artists in the entertainment industry and their journey to the top. Would there be a “miracle” romance between them? Miracle will begin streaming on Viu on June 24. Watch the trailer below.

Viu is serving us with a heartfelt rollercoaster ride with all the genres it offers–from romance to comedy to thriller, and a whole lot more! Enjoy your marathon to the fullest with a Viu Premium subscription charged to your PLDT Home bill!


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