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Mbps 101: Internet Speeds For Every Lifestyle

Nov 02, 2022 by Karess Rubrico

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AB_Mbps 101_ Internet Speeds For Every Lifestyle (Part 2)

Are you looking to upgrade your current home WiFi connection but aren’t sure which speed suits your needs? Here, we’ll break down different WiFi usage requirements for every lifestyle, so you can decide if you need a dedicated WiFi connection like what PLDT Home's MyOwnWiFi offers!

(And if you’re wondering what exactly Mbps is and how internet bandwidth affects you, don’t forget to check out Part 1 of our series on Mbps 101!)

They say different strokes are for different folks. The same applies to the WiFi connection you need at home.

How much bandwidth do you really need?

With many of us working from home or having online classes, we’re consuming more data than ever. However, this isn’t typically the case for all of us. Suppose your work or recreational activities involve a lot of streaming, conference calls, and gaming. In that case, you’d definitely need a higher internet speed than someone who just casually uses social media. The stakes (and speeds) should go higher, the more users and devices are connected to your router.


Closer to home: a tale of four users

Your home WiFi requirements differ from the next person based on various factors. To break it down further, here’s how much data different people with different lifestyles and preferences would need:

Casual Internet User_1  

Nats is a full-time copywriter and social media manager who works remotely. Her job mainly involves coordinating with her boss and teammates via email, along with the occasional work conference call. She also creates designs on Canva and uses Google Workspace apps. When she’s not working, Nats watches TikTok videos, listens to music,  or binge-watches her favorite K-dramas on Viu. For a casual user like Nats, she’ll need 25 to 50Mbps of WiFi to get things done and stay up-to-date with her favorite shows!



Glaiza is a freelance web designer who lives alone and works from home four to five days a week. She juggles multiple projects simultaneously and regularly touches base with her clients via Zoom. Glaiza’s work also requires her to download and upload large image files. In her free time, she plays video games or catches up with her friends through voice and video calls. To meet her requirements, Glaiza needs 75 to 100 Mbps to do her work seamlessly and ensure that she delivers when she needs to.


Power User_1 

Being a breadwinner, Marvin juggles being a full-time consultant and running a plant-selling business at home. He works from his home office most of the week, constantly in meetings with clients, suppliers, and customers at both jobs. His younger sister, Bea, is a senior high student who attends classes online. On his days off, Marvin unwinds by watching his favorite titles on HBO Go–sometimes alone, more often with Bea and their mom. A power user like Marvin needs a dedicated Internet connection other than the one they have at home, and their household requires 150 to 200 Mbps to get the best out of their everyday routine.


Power User_2 

Eric and Meg live in a townhouse with their two kids and Meg’s younger brother, Matt. Eric reports to the office on weekdays, but Meg is a stay-at-home mom who works as a part-time virtual assistant. Their kids have online classes three times a week, while Matt works at home as a full-stack developer. Matt is an avid gamer who plays video games with his niece and nephew, and their entire household also enjoys game and movie nights when everyone’s at home. Eric and Meg also utilize smart home devices in their home, particularly smart lights, door locks, security cameras, and kitchen appliances—all to enhance safety while enjoying the convenience their smart home brings. To make sure everything runs smoothly, Eric and Meg’s home needs at least 1000 Mbps of WiFi for seamless connectivity across everyone’s devices.


Every WiFi plan you need for your daily requirements

PLDT Home Fiber Plus plans have everything you need to ensure you can do your work seamlessly, play games without lag, or stream your favorite titles all day–even simultaneously. Check out Part 3 of Mbps 101 to learn more about the nitty-gritty of our individual WiFi plans and how they can benefit you further. Make PLDT Home your next upgrade today! 


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