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5 Ways to Maximize Your Home Security Camera

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By Gracey Maala

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One of the biggest advantages of having a smart home is that it’s easier to feel at ease with just a few security upgrades. That’s why having a smart security camera, a smart lock, and other smart devices are not just superficial additions to your home—they actually make your home life feel safer!

Get smart in making your home safe and secure!

Security cameras let you keep tabs on the things that matter most, especially your kids, pets, or other treasured possessions. Here, we’re focusing on the ways you can maximize your home security camera—and here are some tips to consider!

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Place your cameras in appropriate areas.

Proper placement of the cameras is a must. Secure all points of entry and key areas! It’s vital to put them in areas you wish to keep an eye on, as well as in places where burglars or intruders could access your house.

Take advantage of the camera’s features.

One of the biggest factors people must consider before buying a security camera is its features. It’s essential to do your research, so you can purchase the one that fits your needs the most.

While there are a lot of home security cameras in the market to choose from, PLDT Home helps make homes safer with the Fam Cam—a wireless home monitoring system that can help you watch over your family and home from wherever you are.

Fam Cam 1

It lets you access real-time video feeds from your smartphones, tablets, or computers and talk to your loved ones through the device.

You have the option between the Fam Cam variants: Basic Fam Cam and Advanced Fam Cam. The Basic Fam Cam is WiFi enabled, has a built-in mic, motion and sound detection, and is mobile app-supported.

On the other hand, the Advanced Fam Cam has all the features of the Basic Fam Cam with an added feature that allows you to communicate with your children via speaker if you aren’t at home. It also has a pan, tilt, zoom functions, and a built-in SD card slot to store video feeds.

Whichever you choose, however, both support Alexa and Google Home, so any Fam Cam is a good choice! The Basic Fam Cam is available for only ₱99/month and the Advanced Fam Cam for ₱399/month. You may read here to know more details about the Fam Cam.

Test if the camera’s motion detection is working.

Another significant feature of security cameras is motion detection, designed to notify you anytime something or someone enters its path, whether the subject is moving quickly or discreetly. Testing this function is essential, too! So better do the testing by reviewing footage via its supported app.

Place it in an area with good lighting.

Ensure the area under surveillance has consistent and adequate lighting so that the camera can identify important characteristics like facial features. If your budget allows, choose a camera that already has a night vision feature that enables it to capture high-quality videos even if it’s dark or at night.


Make sure to do regular maintenance and checks.

You shouldn’t miss this! You have to make sure the system works well and still does its job. You must also regularly check your battery levels and recharge or replace batteries while at home, so the camera functions even while you're away. You must also check its WiFi connection and its condition regularly.

There you go! Security must always be our top priority, so let’s make the extra effort to keep ourselves safe by knowing the necessary actions we shall take.


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  • 105 degrees angle (up to 4x Ultra Zoom)
  • With night vision
  • With pan and tilt function up to 340 degrees
  • HD quality
  • Supports Alexa and Google Home


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